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Futures Game 2014: We Are The Calling

With the Ducks hosting the Sharks in a two game prospects series, there is no better time for the Anaheim Calling community to come together as one.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In just over a week Ducks fans will get their first taste that the 2014-15 NHL season is rapidly approaching, as Anaheim has announced they will host a two game rookie and prospect showcase against the San Jose Sharks on September 13 and 14. The series will be a great opportunity for Ducks fans to get a look at the two most recent first round draft picks in Nick Ritchie and Shea Theodore competing against fellow rival rookies, as well as check out the host of young talent making up Hockey's Future's second ranked prospect pool.

With tickets to both games costing only $5 apiece, it's the perfect opportunity to take an idea proposed on the most recent Anaheim Calling: The Podcast and get as many Anaheim Calling readers together to attend the Sunday game at Honda Center. With free parking for the game it'd allow even the most financially strapped Ducks fan the chance to go, and with all seating being general admission it'd likely allow the group to sit together in the lower bowl. This is something we'd never have the ability to do during a regular season game for a litany of reasons, so best make the most of the opportunity.

Another cool aspect of meeting up and sitting together is it would allow Anaheim Calling to act as a supporter group for the Ducks in the vein of European soccer or hockey fans. Much in the way that a portion of Anaheim fans have taken to the Brynäs IF chant for Jakob Silfverberg, why not introduce more singing and chanting of the same style? Imagine a section of Ducks supporters serenading the Sharks with something like this to the tune of "The Farmer In The Dell":

'You've never won the Cup

You've never won the Cup

Teal, choking Fish you know

You've never won the Cup'


'The Ducks won it first

The Ducks won it first

In just thirteen years

The Ducks won it first'

There are entire websites dedicated to the songs and chants for soccer clubs, so why not become the first American hockey fan base to introduce this kind of energetic atmosphere for the Ducks prospect game? Of course, getting together the AC community could just be a great way to get to know the staff and fellow readers and enjoy a hockey game together without the added singing and chanting as well.

Would you come out to the Sunday prospects game at Honda Center to watch the game with your fellow Anaheim Calling folks? Do you like the idea of coming up with special songs and chants for the game? Share your thoughts and any song/chant ideas in the comments section!