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2015 Handshake Line

AC tradition, win or lose, try and say something nice.

Handshake Line: Original 6 Sad Sack Get Their Seat

History has a strange way of re-writing itself, and the Chicago Blackhawks have undergone a process the last several seasons that dramatically alters their standing all time amongst the league.

Handshakes for Hawks

I do not wish the Hawks luck.

Duck Tales: A Tribute To The Core

"What's a 'core'"

Handshakes (From The Press Box)

It's kind of tough to write a handshake post when you saw only one game of the series thanks to a spectacular trip across Europe, but here goes.

A Bitter Acknowledgment to this Year's Better Team

Crawled out of my abyss of infinite solitude and sadness to give props where it's due

One More trip through the Handshake Line

The season is over for the Ducks and just as the Ducks demonstrated their sportsmanship, Anaheim Calling says farewell.

Handshake Line: A Series for the Ages, Almost

The Hawks deserved to win this series, and what do you know, they did.

Congrats on Fulfilling the Prophecy, Hawks

Let's be honest, the narrative of losing game seven's in three consecutive years at home was too great to not be fulfilled. (handshake line)

Handshake Line: Big Bad Blackhawks

Due to good sportsmanship being a thing here at Anaheim Calling, I give my reluctant congratulations to our most recent Game 7 superiors: the Chicago Blackhawks.

Handshake Line: Dynasty-ish

Here's to the elite.

This stream has:

Sad Handshakes

After two sets of congratulations, it's time to bend the knee to the Best of the West.

Hang My Head & Tip My Hat to Chicago

Following that game seven heartbreak, I begrudgingly tip my hat to the most impressive aspects of the Blackhawks' game and team.

Handshake Line: Grit Today, Tomorrow, Forever

It's a word that's taken on a punchline quality with the rise of advanced stats. While it alone isn't enough to win the Stanley Cup, the Flames were a great reminder of how enough of it can overcome talent deficiencies in the right circumstances.

Handshake Line: Stay Bright

Flames' fans should be excited about their future.

Handshake Line: A New Flame is Lit

The Flames gave the Ducks a run in the second round and Calgary fans should be proud.

The Greatest Hand Shaker

I am dedicating this to one man.

Handshake Line: Farewell Flames

Next in line to give credit where it's due to the Calgary Flames as they head off into the sunset.

Handshake Line: The Spark has been Lit

Continuing the friendly tradition of Anaheim Calling, congratulating the Flames on a series well played.

Handshake Line: Heating Up

To everyone who was so shocked when Calgary qualified for the playoffs and even advanced to the second round: start getting used to it.

Handshake Line: Before the Flames Fizzled Out...

Paying homage to the most respectable pieces that the Calgary Flames brought to the table during the very influential series in round two of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Handshake Line: Persistence Breeds Success

Two rounds down and the Ducks are still alive. Time to say some kind things about their most recent victims, the Calgary Flames.

Handshake Line: Flames On Fire!

Giving credit to a young, exciting Calgary Flames team.

Watch the Ducks eliminate the Flames

The Anaheim Ducks eliminated the Flames in dramatic fashion to advance to the Western Conference Final. Relive the moment from ice level with NHL Live Wire.

This stream has:

Calgary Handshake Line

As the Ducks move on to the Western Conference Final, we here at AC say a fond farewell to the Flames.

Handshake Line: A Fun Season for the Flames

This draft lottery team didn't do so well at the draft lottery. 2014-15 was a good season to be a Flames fan.

Handshake Line: Jets Flew White Out The Door

Winnipeg's playoff run was cut short, however they put up one helluva fight.

That New, Old Feel, But Not The Same Old-Same Old

Winnipeg's 1996 playoff series still brings back vivid memories of youth, but for all the bygone feelings the 2015 Jets stirred, it felt right to have Manitoba back hosting NHL postseason hockey. And this Jets team feels poised for much more.

Handshake Line: My Second Team

The greatest tradition for a worthy adversary.

Handshake Line: Gone Before I Could Blink

With the first round out of the way, it's time to take a moment to recognize some of the excellent work the Ducks first round opponent, the Winnipeg Jets, put together even though they lost the series in four games.

Handshake Line: It's Only the Beginning

Despite the series sweep, the Jets played some great games against the Ducks.

Handshake Line: Beginning of a Beautiful Rivalry

No more Teemu means no more love. But I think both sides are ready to accept this new era of big hits, big saves, and big plays.

Handshake Line: Brooms on a Jet

My post is a little more stats-themed and a little less me complimenting people, because it's my gimmick.


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