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Podcast: Highly Quack-stionable Checklist

With nearly a quarter of the season in the books, the boys take inventory of where the Ducks are at.

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The Only Podcast That Matters.
The Only Podcast That Matters.
Earl Sleek

After a week off, Eric and Kyle are back and did it live discussing the latest about the Anaheim Ducks as they've climbed into the discussion in the Pacific Division, as well as the major discussion points from around the league.

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On This Week's Edition

Recorded on Wednesday, Nov. 18, 2015.

- Taking inventory of the team through scope of Kyle's ten-point 'Home Improvement' checklist

- Interwoven discussion of the games from the past two weeks

- Which injury has had the biggest impact on the Ducks start thus far?

- Addressing some of the trade rumors & roster move ideas surrounding the team (Cam Fowler on the block? Is Travis Hamonic a possibility? How long does Nick Ritchie stay up and what's up with his usage?)

- The league-wide discussion about increasing scoring: Agree? What changes to make?

- NHL alters All Star game structure again to 3-on-3 Divisional Tournament

- And as always much much more

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Also HUGE hockey hugs and stick taps to the Bear Brass for the brilliant Bro Hymn cover for our outro, and to Earl Sleek for the ridiculously awesome logo above.

Thanks for being one of the thousands... And thousands of listeners.

Go Ducks!