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'Anaheim Calling: The Podcast' Returns In 2016

After a December hiatus, Eric and Kyle return with new content, a new schedule, and much more.

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The Only Podcast That Matters.
The Only Podcast That Matters.
Earl Sleek

Since its launch in 2013, 'Anaheim Calling: The Podcast: has been the voice of SB Nation's Anaheim Calling, giving Anaheim Ducks fans an outlet to hear long form discussion of the team that's hard to find anywhere else.

Over the years the podcast has featured the likes of Puck Daddy's Jen Neale and Sportsnet's Jeff Marek, broadcast live editions after games in the regular season and playoffs, recorded live on-site editions after games from Honda Center, provided six hours of live coverage of the opening of free agency during the summer of 2015, and so much more. Hosts Eric Evelhoch and Kyle Nicolas have strived to provide content and angles on the Ducks you won't find anywhere else, and that will once more be the case in 2016.

Come the new year, 'Anaheim Calling: The Podcast' will be relaunching as a twice a week show, recording on either Monday or Tuesday and Thursday or Friday depending on Anaheim's schedule. Show length will be cut to around an hour, and in addition to more regular Ducks discussion will also cover more of the league as a whole.

You will still be able to download the show via the same feed on iTunes, or get it through the same SoundCloud link. It's going to be a twice weekly jolt as Anaheim calls to the hockey world, with the first edition for the new year releasing on either January 4th or 5th.

Start spreading the news to the 'Thousands... And Thousands'.

The boys are back for 2016.