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INTRO: Some Guy Wants to Talk About Himself, Blah Blah Blah....

Yes, I am from Orange County. No, I do not surf. And I've only seen the first movie (and that was 2 months ago).

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Hello Anaheim Calling readers!  Before we all go back to freaking out about what needs to be done to get this Ducks team to play to its potential, I'd like to introduce myself.  My name is John McDonough, you can call me JC though, and I am the newest addition to the Anaheim Calling writing staff.  You may know me as @OhSoMightyDucks on Twitter, although I did just change my handle to @AC_JC1591.

I'm your pretty average guy from California.  I was born and raised in beautiful Orange County, California.  I am 21 years old.  I grew up playing football, baseball, and lacrosse.  I currently coach varsity boy's lacrosse at my alma mater while I pursue a degree in broadcast journalism.  Oh, and I'm also a HUGE ANAHEIM DUCKS FAN.  You may have reached that conclusion six sentences ago when I said "and I am the newest addition to the Anaheim Calling writing staff," but for those of you that missed that part, you're welcome.

To explain my hockey fandom, we have to hop in my Delorean and head back to the 80's to visit my old man.  My dad was also raised in Southern California.  When he was in highschool, his dad started taking him to Kings games at The Forum.  He was instantly fascinated by the sport and became a Kings fan.  After that, my dad began to follow the Kings and grew to love the sport of hockey.  Fast forward to 1993, my Dad has now gotten married and settled in South Orange County.  The Mighty Ducks are preparing for their inaugural season and my old man decided to jump on board.  A new team starting up just 25 minutes from his house was fantastic, so he bought two season seats for he and my mother.

I was born shortly after the 1993-94 season, and was lucky enough to grow up as a season ticket holder.  I loved going to games with my dad.  He and I have always been close and sports are something we have always bonded over.  For years I went to as many games as I could with him.  In the 2002-2003 season my dad didn't buy playoff tickets.  His expectations were low with us being an 7th seed.  After the fantastic run we made, my dad knew better than to count us out.

When the 2006-07 season rolled around, money was tight and my dad had decided it would be our last year as season ticket holders.  However, as soon as we were asked for playoff tickets, he was all-in.  That year was magical (as you all well know), especially since I was lucky enough to get to go to Game 1 of the Finals with my dad (he took my mother to Game 5).  All that contributed to the diehard I am today.  I live and breathe the sport nowadays and I have my dad to thank for that.  My dream is to buy back our old seats so i can start taking him to games again.

Some other important facts about me: I am an avid gamer; I am a member of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity; I have the most adorable boxer-american bulldog puppy; I love to sing despite having no talent whatsoever; and my dream job is currently occupied by Mike "Doc" Emrick.

Anything else you want to know about me?  Feel free to ask in the comments or hit me up on twitter: @AC_JC1591.

PS.  I've got to give a huge thanks to Eric and Kyle.  Both were instrumental in me deciding I wanted to be apart of Anaheim Calling.  They've been awesome and I am really excited to work with them as well as the rest of the AC staff.  Thanks you guys.