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Duck Tales: Race to the Finish

Cam Fowler sat out, but once again the Ducks fall to the Columbus Blue Jackets. What can we make of this team as the season winds down?

Russell LaBounty-USA TODAY Sports


  • Trying year doesn't keep Perry from 30 goals. [OC Register]
  • Corey Perry reaches 30 goals for 5th time in career. [Bleacher Report]
  • Five Questions: Ryan Kesler on Ducks' success and depth. [NHL]
  • Ryan Kesler's great expectations. [Along the Boards]
  • Sekac part of Ducks' late-season adjustment. [MidWeek]
  • Perfectly Imperfect: Can the Anaheim Ducks Win It All? [The Hockey Writers]
  • Are the Anaheim Ducks any better since the trade deadline? [The Hockey Writers]
  • Santa Margarita captures Silver Medal at Nationals. [Ducks]
  • Rob Vollman of ESPN insider takes a look at potential playoff mismatches, including the Ducks vs. Winnipeg.  Bottom line, if you don't have the subscription: be careful what you wish for when hoping to face the Jets in the first round (but it would still be way better than the Kings) [ESPN $]