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The Ducks visit Hockey Island

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The Islanders are succeeding just in time for the hipsters in Brooklyn to claim they discovered hockey before anybody else.

Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

Seriously, Brooklyn is full of hipsters. When the Islanders move their next year, IPA will be the only beer available at Barclay's. More importantly, the Ducks are coming off an overtime win where Cam Fowler played phenomenally well, kind of like he always does, and the Twins continued to exhibit some offense, providing hope for a longer spring. It was a good two points, and some positivity for the Ducks after a pair of losses.


It's hard to say anything definitive here. An early start means an early deadline for the posts. The most pressing issue for the game will be BB's Coaching Carousel.  James Wisniewski was out last game, and he'll probably draw in this game, since he was the signature pick up of Murray's deadline dealing. Etem has been out for two games, and you have to wonder if he'll draw back in after Jiri Sekac didn't have an immediate impact with the Twins.  There's a lot interchangeable parts, and BB likes to interchange them. The morning game will be a fun surprise!

Frederik Andersen played very well last game, so you have to expect that he'll draw back in against the Islanders, but it is the first of back to backs so John Gibson will definitely play one of the two.


Things are looking interesting for the Ducks. The West isn't as strong as years past, mostly because the Kings have been bad in the shootout, and Chicago has lost Patrick Kane. So, Anaheim fans have to start wondering if maybe, just maybe the Ducks can make a serious go of this.  Except, the Ducks haven't faired well against the elite of the East.  The Ducks are 4-7 against the top 6 of the East. Two of those wins came against paper tiger Montreal, and one was a shootout win against Detroit.  So far, they've dropped both games against the Rangers, Penguins and Lightning, and the sole meeting against the Islanders.

Montreal is really relying on Carey Price, and you have to wonder if they are serious contenders. That means the Ducks are 2-7 against the best of the East with both wins against Detroit. We need to see if the Ducks can beat someone in that Conference who matters.


I'm writing this the night before so...Emerson Etem comes back and earns a point, giving BB even more incentive to rotate his lines.