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The Callies - AC's End of Season Awards 2015: Team MVP

We've arrived at last! The final day of voting begins with the first of the two biggest awards of the series: Team MVP.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The final day of voting is upon us! In this final pair of polls, you will have the opportunity to cast your selections for both the most valuable Ducks player and the best moment of the 2014-15 NHL season.

Once done, the winners of this year's Callies will be announced via the AC Podcast and then posted later on.

Team MVP 2014-15

Ryan Getzlaf

The captain had yet another fabulous year for the Ducks, despite the fact it can be labeled as a slight regression. His scoring, points, and plus-minus numbers are all down from years previous. However, his possession game has shown an increase this season, leading to still-impressive numbers.

A large chunk of this can also be attributed to a slump and slew of injuries to his linemate in Corey Perry, as well as coach Bruce Boudreau's ever-revolving door on his left wing, currently being filled by Jiri Sekac. Getzlaf has managed to endure through all of these things and even was garnering a bit of possible Hart Trophy buzz early in the season.

Hampus Lindholm

At the young age of only 21, Hampus Lindholm had a sophomore season that was about as far from a slump as possible. Hampus not only ran away with the team lead in plus-minus once again (+26 going into the final game of the season), but this time around finished second on the team in ice time (21:47) behind only his partner Francois Beauchemin. Bruce Boudreau has shown unwavering confidence in his young defender who has taken yet another humongous step towards NHL-elite status.

Lindholm also continues to be a positive-possession defenseman at 5-on-5 despite having a partner who averages in the negative in 5-on-5 possession relative to the rest of his team. Give this kid two more years and let's see just how insanely talented he really becomes then.

Frederik Andersen

The young Danish netminder has once again been beyond spectacular for the Ducks, often times being the only reason they were even competitive in games where they were getting horrendously out-chanced and out-possessed. His 34 wins are 8th overall amongst NHL goaltenders, and he even earned his first three NHL shutouts this season.

His play to this point has even earned him the starter spot for the Ducks in the playoffs (most likely), where he'll get a chance to prove once and for all that he can handle the pressure of being a full-time NHL starter for a team that's got a genuine shot at competing for a Stanley Cup.

Ryan Kesler

Since his acquisition in the summer, Ryan Kesler has quickly become a fan favorite in Anaheim, thanks in large part to his incredible skill and two-way game. Kesler managed to surpass the 20-goal plateau yet again, the seventh straight season in which he's done so in his NHL career.

Likewise, Kesler gave the Ducks a bona-fide secondary threat behind Ryan Getzlaf in middle of the ice for Anaheim. Known for his hard-nosed, edgy, and physical style mixed with a remarkable amount of skill, Kesler excelled in a shut-down role for Anaheim, often winning his matchups with oppositions top centers. His possession numbers and plus-minus took a dip as a result, but nobody can deny Kesler's remarkable importance to the Anaheim team as it prepares to make a serious playoff run.

Rickard Rakell

The fancy-stats darling of the Anaheim team, Rickard Rakell rebounded from a short stint in the AHL to return to the NHL as a puck-possession monster. In fact, at 5-on-5, Rakell stands at a ridiculously good 53.4% in shot-attempts for. And he does all this no matter where he starts on the ice (his ratio of offensive to defensive zone starts is nearly even).

And likewise, since his recall, Rakell's confidence has been surging, as he's now attacking the front of the net, letting shots go fearlessly, and making excellent decisions to push further into opposition territory that many times set up a scoring chance for his linemates.

With such remarkable improvement displayed already, just imagine how much potential Rakell still has to become yet another excellent option at the Ducks disposal for generating offense from a depth position for years to come.