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A Twitter highlight summary from Game 1 of Ducks v. Jets

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports


There were doodles ...

and cookies ...

and then this happened:

but then we got over it (sort of)

First Period:

It didn't take long for the Ducks to score #Nice

It wasn't his goal but whatever 1-0 Ducks.

And then ...

Kid struggled for a moment:

Don't remember if this was between periods or not but EVERYONE LOOK:

In case you are boring and uncultured @EricTheHawk was there to save you:

Second Period:

Someone got lost #HonkHonkHonkHonkHonkHonk ...

Hillary was not impressed:

Freddy/Freddie/Frederik had rebound troubles and it was awk:

Teemu and George were laying low at the game but were on TV/Jumbotron at some point:

Bruce was doing Bruce things and the Ducks were having a Ducks 2nd period


The Ducks went down 2-1 and it got quiet on Twitter and within Honda Center

Third Period:

The leftover power play wasn't a failure

Perry did the thing again, but nobody saw it and Stoner took a penalty and nobody knew what to do.

And we were all like this:

Then the Ducks got another PPG, this time from Getzlaf (2 in one game guys. TWO!!!!!!).

After this the Ducks cruised the rest of the way for the win.

Next game: Saturday, April 18. 7:30 P.M. @ Honda Center.