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Handshake Line: Beginning of a Beautiful Rivalry

No more Teemu means no more love. But I think both sides are ready to accept this new era of big hits, big saves, and big plays.

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

The Teemu Love era has passed. And both Winnipeg and Anaheim are moving forward into the future.

Numbers really don't do this series justice....Sure, the Anaheim Ducks swept the Winnipeg Jets in four games, but for Anaheim and Winnipeg fans, it seemed as if any game, any period, any save, and any goal could be the tipping point for either team. Both teams were to play with size, grit, and speed. It was by far the most physical game in the first round of the 2015 playoffs (which really means it was the series the most cringes and "Ugh!" moments.) This was the series that lots of 'experts' called as the first round potential upset (HA-since we were able to defy the stats). Thankfully, the series went exactly as the regular season did (for us at least).

Coming into the series, we all knew that one of the big X-factors for either team was health. For a team that really had to scratch tooth and nail to stay within the sight of the wild card, health was the big factor. Going in the series, we were all in the dark regarding the extent of the Jets' lingering injuries. Sure, we can always argue that every team has its share of injuries, and that fighting through them is just a built into the definition of the NHL playoffs, but you have got to give kudos to the Winnipeg Walking Dead Jets for not only playing through the broken hand (Jacob Trouba), or hernia (Andrew Ladd). We all know how rough it is to have your team's big guns half on the ice because of injuries. Get some rest, play some golf.

Matthieu Perrault...wish we had you moving on with us as our 3C. You'd have looked wonderful on our inconsistent-lackluster power play. I'm glad you were able to recover enough to play in part of the series.

Ondrej Pavelec. Game 2. You pulled yourself out of a hole and emerged (rightfully so) as the number one goaltender for the playoffs. You did your best to keep your boys in the game. It's high time that you got some of the playoff light shine your way.

You Dustin Byfuglien were my personal X-factor for the Jets going in to the series. I know how dynamic and physical of a player you can be. You're also a complete a**hole as well (see cheap shot on Corey Perry). At the same time, you are Winnipeg's a**hole just as Corey Perry is our a** I guess what I'm trying to say is, keep it up. While you lack discipline so many times [see chop on JT Miller], you also are a key driver to the Jets. We look forward to beating up on you and booing you once again next season.

I like the kid Tyler Myers. Glad you finally found a home in Winnipeg--somewhere that will let you grow as a defenseman and play to your full abilities. Despite the murmurs of losing Evander Kane in the trade, I think it was a good deal on Winnipeg's part. Tyler Myers gives a glimpse of the bright future that Winnipeg has. Sure, you didn't last all too long in the post-season--but consider this a sign of what's good to come.

And finally, to the fans of Winnipeg waving the white towels around....You guys were really loud. I mean, really loud. It made it very difficult for me to hear the play-by-play commentary on my way home from work. I am sure that this season has easily wiped any love you had for Anaheim (for Teemu's sake). Now that he is gone, and your beloved team has been swept (both in the regular season and the post-season), you are free to bring on the hate. Bring on the Winnipeg Whiteout. We'll see you all next season.