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The Callies: AC's End of Season Awards 2015 - Worst Game of the Season

Today's category takes a bit of a turn for the different, as we are no longer looking at one of the highlights of the season, but in fact some of the lowlights. The annual "Razzie" for AC, this award goes to the single worst game Anaheim played all season.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Unfortunately it was far more difficult for me to find nominees for the best game of the season than it was for this one. With so many super-close games and come-from-behind wins, there were not too many outright dominant games to call attention to.

There were a ton that fell on this list, however. Anaheim's record in regulation losses was not good, averaging nearly 4 goals against per game in each of them, thanks in large part to an abysmal record in second periods.

There was a pretty sizeable list for this round, but after a lot of consideration, these five are your nominees:

Worst Game of the Season 2014-15

Oct. 26th, 2014 - Anaheim Ducks 1, San Jose Sharks 4

The Ducks had won seven straight games headed into this affair, but looked nothing like their previous form. This game had everything from a characteristic Ducks blowout loss: horrible discipline, bad tempers, a fighting majors from Corey Perry and Ryan Getzlaf, and a sense of complete and utter embarrassment at the hands of an in-state rival. Overall, this game racked up a toal of 165 combined penalty minutes, with most of them coming in a third period that was really nothing more than the Ducks throwing a temper-tantrum.

Anaheim got next to nothing going offensively, barely threatened, and let San Jose run rampant all over their end of the ice, an unfortunately common theme for the season series vs. the Sharks in their first of four losses in this season series.

Nov. 17th, 2014 - Anaheim Ducks 2, Florida Panthers 6

Coming off a back-to-back with the Los Angeles Kings in which the Ducks took three of a four possible points, the contest with the supposedly "lowly" Florida Panthers had all the makings of a tremendous letdown.

And it was.

The Panthers got on the board early, and then lit the Ducks up for four more goals in yet another episode of "Abysmal Anaheim Second Periods" to put the game out of reach.

And then they added a sixth goal early in the third to really make this one agonizing. And then to salt all of this in painfully, it wasn't Roberto Luongo who beat the Ducks on this night, but rather backup Al Montoya who got the win.

Jan. 29th, 2015 - Anaheim Ducks 3, San Jose Sharks 6

Anaheim actually started this game rather well, scoring less than five minutes in to start the game and outshooting the Sharks 14-6 to head to the locker room tied 1-1.

Then the single worst second period of the season struck, and the Sharks scored five times, including a shorthanded goal to really put in the dagger.

Anaheim got two goals back in the third period, when San Jose completely took their foot off the gas, but by that point who really cares? Yet another night where it was embarrassing to be a Ducks fan.

Jan. 30th, 2015 - Anaheim Ducks 1, Chicago Blackhawks 4

One day removed from crapping their pants against the San Jose Sharks, there was a sense of hope that the Ducks would rebound in the face of adversity, facing yet another stiff test from one of the league's top teams.

No such luck as the Ducks got wrecked by yet another one of the NHL's elite possession-oriented teams when the Chicago Blackhawks made mince-meat of them by a 4-1 score for the second time this season.

However, unlike the previous meeting, this time the Ducks couldn't blame injuries and a lack of any semblance of experience on the blue line for the loss.

Chicago out-possessed Anaheim on an unheard-of level, got to all of the dangerous areas of the ice, and held Anaheim down to only 22 shots the entire contest, never getting more than eight in a period.

Apr. 8th, 2015 - Anaheim Ducks 0, Dallas Stars 4

"Fan Appreciation Night" was anything but appreciative as Anaheim looked completely disinterested in playing at all whatsoever. As a result, Dallas absolutely ran their show.

A microcosm of every regulation loss on the season, Anaheim's offense was completely anemic, getting virtually nothing in the way of unblocked shot attempts at all (either 5-on-5 or on their one typically abysmal power play), including only 19 shots on goal. Dallas on the other hand was allowed to walk into the danger areas of the ice all night long, including being given 19 shots of their own IN THE SECOND PERIOD ALONE, handing Anaheim yet another embarrassing regulation loss and their third shutout on their own ice on the season.