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Podcast: It's Real Now

Back in the Western Conference Final for the first time since 2007, Eric and Kyle talk about reaching expectations and the challenge of the two-time recent champions.

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The Only Podcast That Matters.
The Only Podcast That Matters.
Earl Sleek

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On This Week's Show:

Recorded on Monday, May 11, 2015

- Finishing off the Flames in five

- Jonas Hiller: Pine Rider, and Matt Stajan: Interfering Jerk

- Plenty of talk about the challenges the Blackhawks pose

- What does Chicago do defensively with Roszival's injury?

- The stars matchup, and the critical depth players

- Answering listener questions

...And much, much more

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Also HUGE hockey hugs and stick taps to The Zambonis (the World's only 100% Hockey Rock band) for our amazing intro, the Bear Brass for the brilliant Bro Hymn cover for our outro, and to Earl Sleek for the ridiculously awesome logo above.

Thanks for being one of the thousands... And thousands of listeners.

Go Ducks!