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Handshake Line: The Spark has been Lit

Continuing the friendly tradition of Anaheim Calling, congratulating the Flames on a series well played.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

And so ends the Cinderella run of the Calgary Flames by the hands of the Anaheim Ducks....

But fear not my flaming looks like a spark has been lit on the ice of Saddledome and the future looks bright for this hockey club of young 'uns.

The Calgary Flames had a glimpse of their potential this past season led by the likes of kids such as Johnny Gaudreau, Sam Bennett and Sean Monahan. You boys may have a few more years of development left ahead of you but have already made NHL highlight reels. Fast and talented, you will learn that it's more than simply getting a shot here and there. Here's to hoping you improve your possession statistics. I'm looking forward to seeing more highlights of Johnny skating circles (literally) around defenders to find an open snipe.

Kris Russel, T.J. Brodie, Dennis Wideman--stick tap to you fellas. After the season-ending injuries to your fellow defensemen including to your fearless blue line leader, Mark Giordano, you three really stepped it up. While statistics and analytic all bet against Calgary's defensive corps, you three skated additional minutes and held the blue line. Russell, you in particular blocked quite a few shots during the season as well as in the post-season. You three really did activate much of the offense with the aggressive forecheck. Let it be known in the locker room that you guys were the keys to the prolonged success into that Wild Card spot.

Matt Stajan, you woke up the beast in Corey Perry. But I swear if this is a lingering injury that affects him the rest of the playoffs...*insert threat here*

Bob Hartley--gone are the days when you and your team littered Canadian news headlines for the on-ice and hallway brawl with John Tortorella and the Vancouver Canucks....Sure, there is a lot of talk of PDO and possession statistics, but hey--it's a start!

Karri Ramo - Boy was I impressed. While I'm still not convinced that you will be Number One goaltender (seeing as your contract is up this summer), but you seemed to hold your net pretty well in the 2nd round. Just to be clear, you were the sole reason that Game 2 and Game 5 weren't complete blowouts.

Jonas Hiller -  It was a form of nostalgic-love for you that brought us to chant, "We want Hiller." We all know how you can stand on your head, because we witnessed it during our years together. And it was exactly those games in which you did that that allowed the Flames to see a glimpse of  Round 2 Playoffs. It all culminated in you eliminating the Kings from all their 2015 playoff hopes. So thank you.