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Duck Tales: Summer Planning

Bruce's future, Free Agency, tagging and a bit of baseball.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images


  • It's going to be hard for the Ducks to keep both Matt Beleskey and Francois Beauchemin next season. [FOX Sports]
  • With hockey season over, the Ducks pick up bats at Angel Stadium. [The Orange County Register]
  • In defense of Clayton Stoner. [Pucks of a Feather]
  • Bruce Boudreau will most likely be back behind the bench for the Ducks next season. [ESPN]
  • With the Ducks out of the playoffs, Bob Murray has started looking at free agency. He has six unrestricted free agents -- only two key players -- and three restricted free agents to negotiate with in the offseason, but it's a far more daunting task than it might seem. There's that 'tagging' rule. [FOX Sports]