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Monday: Anaheim Calling's "Greatest Ducks Goalie Mask" Tournament Selection Begins

Summer is the perfect time for a tournament, and starting Monday AC readers will begin to select the field!

With the Anaheim Ducks fully in summer mode following the completion of the Summer Development Camp, here at Anaheim Calling we'll be keeping content fresh all offseason. Among that will be the first ever "Anaheim Calling Tournament of Greatness", where we go back through Ducks history to find out via reader vote just who or what is the greatest in the 21 season history of Anaheim hockey. Up first: goalie masks!

How It Works

Starting Monday readers will be able to begin placing their votes for the masks to be entered into the field. The top vote-getters will be seeded appropriately, and then placed on a bracket to set up the match ups. We'll put up posts for each match up and leave the voting open for a week to determine which mask is the winner, providing information about the goalie and the season in which the mask was used. Voting criteria? Entirely up to you! It could be which design you like more, it could be which was more memorable, it could be which goalie you liked more- this is entirely in the hands of you the Anaheim Calling reader to help determine the greatest goalie mask in Ducks history.


The brackets will be set up in opposing 1-8 quarterfinal style, with one side of the brackets made up of Mighty Ducks era goalie masks, and the other featuring Anaheim Ducks era masks. Unlike how the NHL operated pre-Divisional Playoff era brackets will not be broken, meaning the winner of the 1 vs 8 match up will face the winner of the 4 vs 5 match up, and the winner of the 2 vs 7 match up faces the winner of the 3 vs 6 match up regardless of result. It's a guarantee that a Mighty Ducks era mask will face off against an Anaheim Ducks era mask in the Final!

To determine the fields, we've gone through both the USA Today and Getty Images archives at SB Nation to find all the different versions of masks that have appeared either in Ducks games or at the very least during a pregame skate. On Monday there will be a photo gallery posted of the Mighty Ducks era masks, and readers will be able to vote for up to eight masks in an attached poll. Thursday a photo gallery of Anaheim Ducks era masks will be posted following the same protocol.

The tournament will begin with the official bracket unveiling on Sunday, July 26th, and the first matchup with a one-week voting window will be posted on Monday, July 27th. In the event of a tie, whichever mask is mentioned most in the comments (IE- memories of the goalie's play as he wore it, discussion about the design, etc) will advance.

Which Ducks Goalie Mask Is Greatest?

Old school? New school? A trademark design? A special edition?

This is the first "Tournament of Greatness" here at Anaheim Calling, and what better way to begin than by celebrating some of the iconic imagery worn by the franchises' puck stoppers. Get ready to vote for the Mighty Ducks era participants starting on Monday, and the Anaheim Ducks era participants starting on Thursday. Please be sure to share this with all the Ducks fans you know, we want this tournament to represent as much of the Anaheim fan base as possible. Also, if you want to discuss the tournament on Twitter, use the hashtag 'ACmaskTOG'.

See you in three days to determine the field for the greatest goalie mask in Ducks history!