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Goalie Mask Tournament Of Greatness Brackets, Match Ups To Be Revealed Sunday

It's almost time to begin the tournament to crown the greatest goalie mask design in Anaheim Ducks history.

For the past two weeks we've been polling you, the Anaheim Calling reader, to set the field for the first ever Tournament of Greatness. With this being summer, what better way to keep talking hockey than to debate a highly subjective part of Anaheim Ducks history and spans the entirety of it?

The first edition of the Tournament of Greatness will feature a field of 16 goalie masks from the 21-season history of the Ducks franchise, eight from the Mighty Ducks era and eight from the Anaheim Ducks era, separated on opposing sides of the bracket. Voting was open in gallery posts for readers to determine which masks would make the field for each era, so before we release the field be sure to go back and view the Mighty Ducks voting gallery and the Anaheim Ducks voting gallery to check out some of the designs.

What To Expect

On Sunday the bracket will be released, featuring the top eight vote-getters from each era seeded in order. Then it's on to the actual tournament stage, where we'll have one match up from each side of the bracket posted every week. Here's how the match ups will work:

- The Mighty Ducks bracket match up will be posted on Tuesday, the Anaheim Ducks bracket match up will be posted on Thursday.

- Each match up will be open for exactly one week from original article posting, with a poll attached.

- We'll be looking for reader comments to feature in the results posts that will go up the next day after the match up closes, so for the Mighty Ducks match up going up on 7/28 the results post will go up on 8/5 etc. Comments could be anything ranging from memories of a game or moment that the goalie had in the mask, a breakdown of the artistic merits, why you believe one mask is better than the other, pretty much whatever the reason is you made your choice.

*** We will also be crediting masks with bonus points for comments on Twitter ***

Votes in the poll on-site are worth one point, however if you discuss your selection on Twitter with #ACmaskTOG your chosen mask will get an additional point. Only one additional point will be awarded per Twitter handle, and we'll be looking for Tweets to include as part of the results posts as well.

It All Starts Sunday

The goal of the Tournament of Greatness is to keep Ducks fans debating during the summer and to do so in a fun way. Be sure to check back to find out which masks made it, and how the bracket sets up on Sunday. There won't be any chocolate, but it should be a nice summer companion to add to the trickling offseason news of signings and personal player news. Which mask design is the Ducks greatest of all time? That's for you to decide.