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Ducks 15-16 Reported Third Jersey Design Leaks: Buy or Sell?

The folks at Icethetics once again have the scoop, as they released what will reportedly be the Ducks new alternates earlier this morning.

The reported 2015-16 third jersey design.
The reported 2015-16 third jersey design.

After finding out from the Anaheim Ducks franchise themselves yesterday when the new alternate jersey would make its first on ice appearance, leave it to the internet to unleash what is reportedly the design just a day later. Both the Ducks and Colorado Avalanche's reported new alternates for the coming season have been leaked by the premier hockey aesthetics blog Icethetics, so if this is in fact the new jersey design let's note some of the cool features:

- The original Wild Wing mask over crossed sticks logo is back! Much like on the current shoulder patches the triangular shield in the background is gold, but the sticks appear as yellow instead of orange. This may be an oversight on the render, but considering the heavy orange everywhere else on the jersey it would make sense to return the sticks to their original yellow coloring.

- The sleeve striping pattern takes after the sock pattern worn by the team in the original 2006-07 rebrand, and used until this past season.

- The waist striping harkens back to the original eggplant jersey, with a thicker bottom stripe and then three equal thickness smaller stripes.

- No 'OC' shoulder patch like on the Stadium Series jersey, the webbed foot D is on both instead. Makes sense, considering it's been the Ducks shoulder mark on All Star jerseys.

Be sure to check out our alternate jersey history for the Ducks, and let us know what you think of the reported new design below.

EDITOR'S NOTE 10:45 PM PT (8/11): There is now competing commentary on social media that this jersey is not the official alternate for the coming season. Icethetics is and has been a reliable source in the past for logo and jersey information. Consider the public source with proven track record in this area versus anonymous sources. We will continue following the alternate jersey story as it develops. -EE

EDITOR'S NOTE 12:45 PM PT (8/12): Sharing a couple points from our Twitter @AnaheimCalling to keep in mind-