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Goalie Mask Tournament of Greatness: Roussel Romps To Mighty Play In Victory Over Hebert

Alternate look for the original Mighty Duck gets no love as Dominic Roussel's 1999-2000 mask earns eighth seed.

It's probably for the best that Guy Hebert went back to his trademark design after a spell of trying something different in 1995-96. With green eyes and gritted teeth for Wild Wing masks on each temple, falling feathers down the sides and crossed goalie sticks made to look like the sticks on the Mighty Ducks logo, Dominic Roussel's design from 1999-2000 scored a decisive 70%-30% victory in the Play In match up of the Mighty Ducks era bracket. It's the first mask to pick up a win in the inaugural Tournament of Greatness to determine the best goalie mask design in Anaheim Ducks history.

Tournament of Greatness: Mighty Ducks Bracket Qualification

The Mighty Ducks backup for three seasons from 98-99 to 2000-01 took the lead in voting early on and only built on its advantage, ending up more than doubling the vote total for Hebert's one season shakeup. The final numbers saw Roussel claim 87 votes to the Hebert Alternate's 38, and sets up another meeting with an Hebert mask in the first round. Maybe the alternate look for Hebert harkened back a little bit too much to the D2 goalie mask designs with the busier wing look:


(Screenshot from D2: The Mighty Ducks)

Then again, maybe this just seems like the right time to shoehorn in a picture of one of the movie goalie masks. In either case, here's the updated bracket:


The #4 vs #5 matchup has already begun, with Jean-Sebastien Giguere's 02-03 mask jumping out to a massive 89%-11% advantage in the first day of voting over Mikhail Shtalenkov's 95-96 Indiana Jones look. Roussel now will face the 96-97 mask worn by Hebert during his All-Star season and the first year that the Mighty Ducks made the playoffs.

Meanwhile over in the Anaheim Ducks bracket Play In John Gibson's Pac Man design has Jonas Hiller's Movember special on the ropes with a full 24 hours remaining until that poll closes. Be sure to vote, and remember that if you make a comment on Twitter with #ACmaskTOG the mask you're supporting will get an extra bonus point.