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2015 Rookie Camp: Meet The Rookies Drafted 2011-2015

Get to know or get refreshed on the participating rookies that the Ducks have either drafted or dealt for.

Josh Manson will be fighting for a shot at a spot on Anaheim's' Roster at the 2015 Rookie Camp
Josh Manson will be fighting for a shot at a spot on Anaheim's' Roster at the 2015 Rookie Camp
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports


#37 Nick Ritchie

LW - 6'3" - 227 - L - 20 - Sault Ste. Marie (OHL) & Peterborough (OHL) - 1st Rd (10th) '14

One of the prospects that many fans are most eagerly anticipating is big-bodied left wing, Nick Ritchie. He was drafted in the first round of the 2014 NHL Entry Draft, and is highly regarded as one of the next elite forwards in the making. At just 20 years old, he already has the size that rivals many professional players, and although he does use that large frame in the physical aspects of the game, the more impressive pieces of his style are in his shooting and stick handling abilities. Honestly, I am anxious to see how stellar Ritchie and his magical hands can really be when he's playing alongside players who are already at the NHL playing level. I think his style fits into Anaheim's system flawlessly and I remember having to scrape my jaw off the floor multiple times when I saw him play at the prospect camp earlier this summer.

#50 Nicolas Kerdiles

LW - 6'2" - 191 - L - 21 - Norfolk (AHL) - 2nd Rd (36th) '12

After splitting the 2013-14 season between the University of Wisconsin Badgers and the Norfolk Admirals in the AHL, Nicolas Kerdiles spent the entire 2014-15 season with the Admirals and finished the season ranked fourth on the team with 26 points (9+17=26) in 51 games played. Kerdiles often is the recipient of praise centering on his smart, responsible and mature play style, excelling both when backchecking as well as when puckhandling and creating offensive opportunities. His talents as a two-way forward coupled with his more NHL-ready physical stature makes Kerdiles a candidate that should be readily visible on everyone's radars. During the 2015 Prospect Camp Kerdiles was less physical than expected, and while skating on a line with Julius Nattinen and Deven Sideroff, he tended to struggle to generate strong offensive rushes. Hopefully he'll find better chemistry with other linemates and prove that he deserves a spot on everyone's radar.

#52 Julius Nattinen

C - 6'2" - 191 - L - 18 - JYP Jyvaskyla (Finland) - 2nd Rd (59th) '15

At just 18 years of age, Nattinen is one of the youngest players attending this weekend's rookie camp for the Anaheim Ducks. His strong skating and puck handling abilities definitely earns him a solid look even at such a young age. Is he ready to get called up to play in NHL games? Maybe not, especially after some less-than-stellar play at Anaheim's Prospects Camp earlier this off-season. However, this kid definitely shows a lot of room to grow and a pretty impressive potential so, by all means, keep pushing him, keep bringing him along on these camps and give him something tangible to work towards. Hopefully Nattinen will keep improving and keep growing as a player and maybe he'll get his chance in an NHL-level game in the not-so-distant future.

#57 Kenton Helgesen

LW - 6'3" - 186 - L - 21 - Calgary (WHL) - 7th Rd (187th) '12

Kenton Helgesen has a very intriguing story; starting as a shutdown defender who excelled in the physical aspects of the game, Helgesen eventually transitioned into a puckmoving forward, playing exclusively as a wing. In the minor leagues his 6'3, 186 lb stature sets him apart as a bruiser-style offensive player, however when it comes to playing with the big boys up in the NHL I'm really not sure how well he would transition. Realistically his physical play style is pretty commonplace and expected in the NHL, however he could very well continue to grow and develop into a promising contributing factor, centering his game on his grit, strength, passing and playmaking abilities. He didn't stand out in either a good or a bad way at the Prospect camp from earlier this summer, so this could really be his time to shine and prove what he's got.

#64 Stefan Noesen

RW - 6'2" - 205 - R - 22 - Norfolk (AHL), Anaheim (NHL) - Ottawa's 1st Rd (21st) '11

Stefan Noesen is the only player on this list to have already made his NHL debut with one game played with theAnaheim Ducks in the 14-15 season. Unfortunately Noesen has been limited due to injuries, however the promising wing exhibits a high-energy play style, which when coupled with his size, skating abilities, and his determination proves he is ready to do whatever it takes to get to the next level. We all saw Noesen when he played in his debut with the Anaheim Ducks when they hosted the Colorado Avalanche back on April 3, 2015. He did not post any points however was trusted with just shy of 7 minutes of ice time. These upcoming prospect camps will be a great way to see if any injuries are lingering, or if Noesen has continued his developmental progress toward being an NHL-ready forward. I remember noticing Noesen at the Prospects camp from back in July probably because it's difficult to look bad when skating alongside the likes of Nick Ritchie. Noesen had some great forechecking pressure and seemed to really grasp onto the strategic system very well.

#65 Deven Sideroff

RW - 5'11" - 171 - R - 18 - Kamloops (WHL) - 3rd Rd (84th) '15

Another young rookie that will play this weekend is Deven Sideroff who is only 18-years-old but plays with a hockey sense that is well beyond his years. He's on the lighter side, but is a quick offensively-minded winger who can slip into the sweet spots on the ice, and follow up with his impressive stickhandling abilities and the puck often finds the back of the net. Similar to Nattinen, Sideroff might not be quite ready for his NHL debut but as long as he keeps working hard and proves that he will do what it takes to get to that level, he could definitely break Anaheim's roster a little further down the road. In order for this quick and agile winger to fit into Anaheim's lineup and strategic system, it might be beneficial for him to hit the weight room to bulk up, while finding a way to not lose his speed. Maybe resident Ironman, Andrew Cogliano could help him out in that department.

#74 Joseph Cramarossa

C/LW - 6'0" - 192 - L - 22 - Norfolk (AHL) - 3rd Rd (65th) '11

No stranger to Anaheim's rookie camp is gritty forward, Joseph Cramarossa who spent the entirety of the 2014-15 season with the Norfolk Admirals. Although his game tends to lack a strong offensive upside, he has fallen into the hard-hitting style of forward that tends to occupy Anaheim's lower lines. Though not the largest body on the Rookie Camp's roster of forwards, Cramarossa will make his physical presence known every time he hits the ice. He has been praised for having better puck-moving skills and a stronger hockey sense than most, thus breaking the mold of the straight up "enforcer," however his role on the team tends to cater to his physical nature, making him an interesting candidate for Anaheim's gritty energy line. Cramarossa was not at the Prospect Camp earlier in the summer so this is a big opportunity to show his talent.


#42 Josh Manson

D - 6'3" - 217 - R - 23 - Norfolk (AHL), Anaheim (NHL) - 6th Rd (160th) '11

The name Josh Manson tends to ring a bell for most Anaheim fans, mainly because when he was called up to the NHL on two different occasions, he actually was giving the other defenders a run for their starting position with the Ducks. Manson played with the team from the end of October until the beginning of March, with a break spanning from mid-December to mid-February when he played back in the AHL with the Norfolk Admirals. Honestly, I will be neither surprised nor disappointed once Manson has a more stable position on this team's blue line considering the potential and promise he showed during his 28 games played at an NHL level. He has strong skating abilities, good positional play, uses his size well, and (in my opinion, most importantly) is very dependable defensively. All in all, I'd love to see more of this youngster in an Anaheim Ducks sweater.

#53 Shea Theodore

D - 6'2" - 183 - L - 20 - Norfolk (AHL), Seattle (WHL) - 1st Rd (26th) '13

Shea Theodore split the 14-15 season between the Seattle Thunderbirds (WHL), and the Norfolk Admirals (AHL). Despite the transition, he averaged more than a point per game with each club, including 48 points (13+35=48) in 43 games with Seattle, and 11 points (4+7=11) in just 9 games with Norfolk. Theodore is another defender with an impressive skill set offensively including an accurate and hard shot from the point making him a lethal weapon on powerplay units. Couple his strong shot with a smart approach to the game and strong skating abilities and he could realistically be an NHL-caliber blue liner in the near future if he isn't already ready for the big leagues. During this Prospect Camp on the 4th of July this year, Theodore was an animal on the ice. He was pressuring in both zones, made great decisions in the defensive zone, and generated some great offensive pressure by jumping into the attack at the best times. Looking forward to seeing how much he's come since seeing him mid-summer.

#54 Andrew O'Brien

D - 6'4" - 208 - L - 22 - Norfolk (AHL) - 4th Rd (108th) '12

After his debut with, and subsequent lackluster 4-game stint with the Norfolk Admirals in 13-14, O'Brien spent the full season with the Ads in 14-15 and vastly improved his contributions. This past season he ranked second amongst the defenders with 14 points (4+10=14) in 62 games played. His 118 penalty minutes are a testament to his never-back-down mentality, and alongside that grit he does present a bit of an offensive upside despite his weaker skating abilities. We'll see what the big-bodied defenseman brings to the Rookie Camp, to be honest with you I don't have many notes on his play from the Prospect Camp because even at 6'4 he sort of blended into the group.

#71 Brandon Montour

D - 6'0" - 172 - R - 21 - Norfolk (AHL), UMass (H.E.), & Waterloo (USHL) - 2nd Rd (55th) '14

The smallest-statured blue liner drafted by the Ducks is Brandon Montour, who was something of a standout defenseman at the Ducks Prospect Camp earlier this summer. I remember going to watch the camp and not really knowing what to expect out of this youngster, however he seemed to have seriously strong positional play as well as a great instinct that filled the role of "defensive defender" while playing alongside Shea Theodore. Montour knew the right times to pinch to the hashmarks and keep the offensive cycle going, but was always playing a defensively responsible game which is something that (in my opinion) Anaheim really could use right now. He is still young and a smaller blue liner, but once he gets more than 14 games in the AHL with the San Diego Gulls, and once he bulks up and gets a bit stronger physically he could seriously be an asset to this Anaheim squad a bit further down the line.

#75 Jaycob Megna

D - 6'4" - 202 - L - 22 - Norfolk (AHL) - 7th Rd (210th) '12

Defensive prospect, Jaycob Megna is one of the largest youngsters present for the scrimmages this weekend. With his big stature, Megna is often noticed as a dependable stay-at-home blue liner who uses his strength and size to keep the opponent's scoring chances to a minimum. While many of the other defensemen on this list tend to also bring an offensive upside to the game, Megna is regarded as a strictly defensive blue liner with more limited skating and scoring abilities. Time for me to be blunt: I like big-bodied defensemen who don't take stupid penalties. Megna's height and weight are reported differently by several different sources, however in person I have to say he looks bigger than 6'4, 202lb. He looked more like 6'5. 210lb or even bigger. He seemed to move really well and was in the right place at the right time, breaking up plays and making his goalie's job much easier. Really eager to see what he can do when he's facing some of the NHL's strongest.