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'16-'17 Ducks Season

Ducks vs Predators Game 5 RECAP: Ouch

Nashville defeats Anaheim without their top two centers

Round 3 - Game 5 - Ducks vs. Predators GAMETHREAD: Almost There

The Ducks can be one win away from the big dance with a victory tonight.

Ducks @ Predators Game 4 RECAP: Corey Perry Says Relax

Anaheim now heads back home with the series tied at 2.

Ducks @ Predators Game 4 GAMETHREAD: #SaveGibby

Do'nt kill our goalie, please

Ducks @ Predators Game 3 BEST/WORST: Anaheim Could Be In Trouble

Anaheim traded a bad start for a bad finish in Game 3

Ducks @ Predators Game 3 RECAP: A Poor Finish

Anaheim led going into the third, but couldn’t finish off a hungry Nashville squad

Round 3 - Game 2 - Ducks vs. Predators GAMETHREAD: Home Ice Advantage?

Ducks look to avoid going down 0-2 for the second time these Playoffs 

Ducks vs Predators Game 2 PREVIEW: We’ve Been Down This Road Before

Will the Ducks finally win one of their opening home games?

Ducks vs Predators Staff Predicitons

How confident is the AC staff in Anaheim’s chances to advance to the Finals?

Regular Season Rewind: Conference Final Edition

The Top 5 Moments from the Ducks v Predators regular season series

Predators vs. Blues: Ducks Opponent Recap

A summary of the Nashville vs. St. Louis series and what it can tell us about Anaheim’s opponent.

Duck Tales: The Conference Finals Edition


PODCAST: Halfway There ft. Alex Daugherty

A look back at Round 2 and ahead at Round 3...

Ducks vs Predators Game 1 PREVIEW: Revenge

Anaheim has one more hill to climb if they want to reach the Stanley Cup Final for the first time since 2007...

Anaheim vs Nashville Round 3 Schedule

OC vs The Music City starts tonight...

Ducks vs Oilers Game 7 BEST/WORST: Yeaaaaaa (Ritch) Boiiiiiii

Exorcised The Demons, Keanu Reeves style

Ducks vs Oilers Game 7 REACTION: SLAY THE DEMON

Anaheim went into Game 7 with the curse of series past looming over them...

Ducks vs Oilers Game 7 GAMETHREAD: Do or Die

Anaheim enters their fifth Game 7 in five years

Ducks vs Oilers Game 7 PREVIEW: Believe

The dignity of the franchise rests on one game

Ducks @ Oilers Game 6 RECAP: Just Another Game 6 Loss

Please not this again.

Ducks @ Oilers Game 6 PREVIEW: Finnish Them

Anaheim looks to avoid the dreaded game 7

Ducks vs Oilers Game 5 RECAP: OMG THEY DID IT AGAIN

Anaheim wins another thriller, this time in DOUBLE OT

Ducks vs Oilers Game 5 GAMETHREAD: Time To Step Up

Anaheim needs to get the first victory by a home team if they want to put Edmonton on the brink tonight

Ducks vs Oilers Game 5 PREVIEW: Best of 3

The series is tied and the scenery is Orange County

Ducks @ Oilers Game 4 GAMETHREAD: 2-2?

Will Anaheim even up the series before heading back to the OC?

Ducks @ Oilers PREVIEW: Time to Get Even

After a big game on Sunday, Anaheim has a chance to even up the series before going back to Anaheim

Ducks @ Oilers Game 3 RECAP: Dangle. Snipe. Celly

Anaheim is officially back in the series.

Ducks @ Oilers GAMETHREAD: A Must-Win

Anaheim heads to Edmonton for Game 3 as the Oilers try to put the Ducks on the brink

Ducks @ Oilers Game 3 PREVIEW: Whatever It Takes

The Ducks head into a must-win situation in Edmonton after finding themselves down 2-0

Ducks vs Oilers Game 2 BEST/WORST: Outplayed, Didn’t Outscore

Anaheim dominated last night, but weren’t able to get the scoreboard to reflect their play

Ducks vs Oilers Game 2 RECAP: Not Enough

Another strong effort at 5-on-5 still isn’t enough to grab Anaheim a win in this series

Round 2 Game 1 - Ducks v Oilers GAMETHREAD: Get Out the Clearasil

The Ducks hope to draw first...oily blood


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