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'16-'17 Ducks Season

Ducks @ Canucks GAMETHREAD: The Final Stretch

Anaheim starts their last roadie of the regular season in good-ol' Vancouver

Ducks @ Canucks PREVIEW: Securing a Playoff Spot

After taking sole possession of first place in the division, Anaheim has the chance to mathematically lock up their playoff spot tonight

Ducks vs Rangers GAMETHREAD: Tied for 1st Isn't Good Enough

The Ducks look to take sole possession of the Pacific Division lead with any points against the Rangers

Ducks vs Rangers PREVIEW: Lifes Good at the Top

The Rangers face their first real challenge running the California Gauntlet

Ducks v. Jets PREVIEW: Flying High

Ducks vs Capitals RECAP: Cup Fairy Dust

“Relax”- Corey Perry, probably.

Ducks vs Capitals GAMETHREAD: Celebrate '07

Anaheim will commemorate the first Stanley Cup victory for the state of California as they face off against the high-flying Caps.

Ducks @ Blackhawks BEST/WORST: Cue the Dagger

Bernier comes up clutch

Ducks @ Blackhawks RECAP: MadBern on Madison

And Perry learns to score

Ducks @ Blackhawks GameThread: Crying Fowl

Ducks vs Preds PREVIEW: Not Game 7

Thank goodness

Ducks vs Bruins RECAP: This Magical Thing Called Offense

You’re my boy, Bern

Ducks vs Bruins PREVIEW: Show Up For 60 Minutes

Don’t forget, there’s a first a period

Ducks @ Coyotes PREVIEW/GT: If A Stone Rolls to Calgary...

...does it stop having terrible possession stats?

Ducks vs Kings BEST/WORST: Great Wall of Gibson

Maybe Trump should talk to this guy

Ducks vs Kings RECAP: Beat LA

Score 1 for the home team! Seriously, just one goal.

Ducks vs. Kings GAMETHREAD: Save Us Ricky

Here is hoping for a Rak City Special

Ducks vs Kings PREVIEW: Goals Please

Ducks need to rebound, yadda yadda yadda

Ducks vs Panthers RECAP: urgh...

Return of Kitty Pride

Ducks @ Wild RECAP: Gibson 1-Wild 0

Anaheim’s first win against a current playoff team since December 2016.

Ducks @ Rangers RECAP: No, No, No, Not Today

Henrik Lundqvist... probably.

Ducks @ Panthers RECAP: Trocheck was Tripped

Anaheim wastes a stellar Gibson performance as the offense fails to solve Florida’s team speed.


Bad title pun, great game though.

Ducks vs Avalanche RECAP: “Slytherin has all the points tonight”

Anaheim finish the season series against the Avs, all in the month of January.


You get a trade! You get a trade! EVERYONE GETS A TRADE!!!

Ducks vs Lightning BEST/WORST: Getzlaf, Getzlaf, Getzlaf

Say his name three times and he doesn't give the puck up in OT

Ducks vs. Blues “GAMETHREAD:” Rushed

It’s hockey time!

Ducks @ Avalanche RECAP: More Games Against Colorado Please

The Ducks are now 5-1-0 in their last six games.

Ducks vs Stars GAMETHREAD: Tuesday Night Shenanigans

The third and final time the Ducks face-off against the Dallas Stars this regular season.

Ducks vs Stars PREVIEW: It’ll all come down to the D

Will either team’s defensive corps show up tonight?

Ducks vs Coyotes RECAP: Let the OT Winning Streak Begin

Always expect the unexpected.

The Ducks’ Trade Wars

Anaheim has some interesting scenarios to look at leading up to the trade deadline.


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