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Podcast: Hagelin + Pick = Bozak + Second (1/4/16)

New calendar year, new format, same fellas now bringing you 'Anaheim Calling: The Podcast' twice weekly!

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Earl Sleek

Back for the new year with a new look, but the same insightful take on the Anaheim Ducks that you've come to expect.

New schedule means there will be new editions recorded either Monday or Tuesday, and Wednesday or Thursday depending on how the Ducks schedule looks for a given week. They'll be released night of recording, and you can still subscribe to get the podcast delivered to your iTunes, or on Soundcloud. It's also available with the Soundcloud App, at, with the Soundcloud embed below, or you even follow us on Soundcloud too.

On This Week's Show:

Recorded Monday, Jan. 4, 2016

- Anaheim's evolution into a top tier defense

- Systemic differences that have helped make that change possible

- Does Bruce Boudreau get Adams consideration if Ducks make playoffs?

- Comparison to the 2012 Kings, does it fit?

- Jonathan Drouin on the market, but Kyle prefers Ryan Johansen

- How much would the Ducks have to give up to acquire either player?

- And as always, much much more...

Get In Contact With The Show!

Twitter: @AnaheimCalling, Eric is @ErictheHawk, Kyle is @ACKyleNicolas

Email: AnaheimCalling@gmail(dot)com

Stick Taps

Our NEW intro is by Orange County punk band U.S. Bombs- it's off their "War Birth" album, all of their stuff is great. The  Bear Brass perform the brilliant Bro Hymn cover for our outro, follow them on Twitter @BearBrassMusic or HIRE THEM. And of course comic artist extraordinaire Earl Sleek for our 'Clashing' logo.

Thanks for being one of the thousands... And thousands of listeners.

See you Thursday to talk about the Toronto game, as well as the announcements Kyle teased, and much more!