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Best and Worst: Back on Top

The Ducks are now 5-0-1 against the Pacific Division.

Debora Robinson, Getty Images

Best: Scoring Four Goals

After getting shutout by the Nashville Predators on Saturday night, it was great to see the Anaheim offense find its groove. Ten Ducks found their way onto the score sheet, and Corey Perry led all skaters with two points. If the Ducks can find ways to keep their offense firing on all cylinders then consistency in the win column should follow.

Worst: Shot Attempts Against

Anaheim was out attempted 70-46, which isn’t a great indicator of sustainable hockey. Without John Gibson this game could have easily been an Edmonton Oiler’s win. Kevin Bieksa, who led the Ducks defense in ice time, posted a 25.71% corsi for during 5 on 5. Ouch. On the other hand, Connor McDavid finished at 75%. Even though he didn’t factor into any goals tonight, McDavid showed why he is one of the best players in the NHL.

Best: New Defense Pairings

It was great to see Carlyle switch up his defense pairings. Vatanen-Fowler and Lindholm-Manson is a fantastic top 4. Stoner-Bieksa is less than ideal but if that means getting the kids together on the ice at the same time then I am all for it. At least it makes for exciting hockey. It was interesting that even with these combinations Bieksa still led the defense in ice time with 22:26.

Worst: No more Justin Schultz

Ducks vs. Oilers games just aren’t the same without him. Anaheim fans will have to make do watching the world class McDavid tear up the league instead. Somehow it is still not the same. Come back to the Pacific, Mr. Schultz. Boo.

Three Stars:

3. Ryan Getzlaf

He’s just so good. The only thing that could make him even better is if he grew a Joe Thornton beard.

2. Corey Perry

He was the only player to have more than one point in the game. It’s interesting to see Kesler filling Perry’s role on the power play this year. Last year Perry’s job was to stand in front of the goal and clean up rebounds but that job has gone to Kesler. This seems to be a good indicator of why Perry’s goal totals are down and his assists are up.

1. John Gibson

The only reason why the Ducks won tonight. But can he win two games in a row?