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Anaheim vs San Jose RECAP: Ohh yeah I ‘member winning...

A hard fought win despite some defensive inconsistencies

First Period:

In a potential sign of things to come, Perry took a penalty for being overzealous while taking a run at Brown just after the first minute of play. On the ensuing penalty kill the Ducks had two odd man rushes, or maybe one and a half given that Kesler looked like he was skating through sand on his short-lived breakaway.

I guess Josh Manson isn't a fan of Sublime or Snoop Dogg because he decided to paste “Long Island Beach Native” (drink) Matt Nieto and took himself out of the play, luckily the captain bailed him out and broke up a pass on the following 2-on-1 that resulted.

At the 12 minute mark Hampus Lindholm had a rare brain fart and cleared the puck over the glass for a delay of game penalty. The Sharks then proceeded to score 30 seconds later - but there was a bunch of uncalled interference and picks on the play which went uncalled so yay, thanks again refs.

A minute or so later, Ryan Garbutt intercepted a pass near the Ducks blue-line and got on the inside of Burns, who then decided to give him an extra shove into the Sharks goaltender. The Sharks were understandably upset with the contact with Jones but the review seemed to indicate that Garbutt might have scored on the play thanks to Burns executing a perfect “BXA Goaltender Support (TM)” move. The refs ruled it a good goal, much to everyone’s joyful surprise, so the Sharks subsequently asked for a review - which they then lost along with their timeout. So, um, yay thanks refs? Where was that logic in the Islanders game?

With 6:38 left to play Ricky finished an inspired rush by the top line, potting in a redirected pass between pads of Jones for the lead.

With a minute left in the period Ryan Garbutt was again channeling his old Dallas Stars self and took an incredibly stupid tripping penalty on Logan Couture behind the Sharks net. The Ducks finished off the period by putting on a Penalty Killing clinic as the Sharks looked incredibly disinterested with getting into the Ducks zone. The period ended with a minute left in the Garbutt penalty and a total of gratuitous “Matt Nieto Long Beach Native” shout outs of 1.

Second Period:

The Ducks killed off the remaining minute of the Garbutt penalty without much drama and the next five minutes was a tit-for-tat of zone entries and chances broken up. Perry almost caught Jones napping on the shortside but was denied.

The Ducks enjoyed sustained pressure from both the Kesler and Vermette lines, including a shift where Ritchie just completely destroyed two different Sharks on consecutive hits. Then the first line got hemmed in with the Sharks fourth line cycling and were worn down to the point where the Sharks were able to get a clear point shot through to tie the game. Perry and Getzlaf continue to be a hot mess of late to the point where it is becoming slightly detrimental.

The first line were kept off for the next 5-7 minutes but when they next saw the ice they drew a penalty when both Perry and Getzlaf took out their frustrations on some Sharks and Justin Braun tried to brace himself from a Perry hit with his elbow. Getzlaf had two between the hash marks chances and buried the second one off a pass from Kesler. Ducks 3-2 at the 6.56 mark. Leadership doing leadershippy things.

With under a minute left in the period Bieska managed to find himself alone in front of Jones and did what Bieska does best, skated it straight into the goaltender. The period ended with the Ducks still holding the one goal lead.

Third Period:

The second line didn't dominate quite as much as they have in games past - case in point, a minute and a half into the third Vermette opted to launch a slapshot from near the blueline with nobody in front shortly after a clean zone entry.

The Ducks maintained consistent possession and Getzlaf almost sent Perry on a breakaway with a very clever and perfect home-run pass but the puck bobbled and Perry couldn't stay on side long enough for it to settle, despite how very open he was.

A mid shift change between the second and third line almost resulted in a goal as Vermette setup Cogliano with a perfect pass in front but he was denied point blank.

The Sharks managed to get some good chances in but Kesler blocked a top of the circles shot from Ward. Whilst the other way Getzlaf surprised everyone on a 2 on 1 by electing to shoot - which Jones managed to stop.

Both teams exchanged chances, including a span of what felt like a minute or more where the Thornton line continued to win puck battles and get multiple shots from the point through to Bernier; leaving the Kesler line completely exhausted. Thankfully the Ducks managed to clear the zone when a Sharks defender mishandled at the right point.

The Sharks pulled Jones with a minute and half left and the Ducks kept the shots to the perimeter to lock them out for the win. 3-2 Ducks, a deserved two points, even with the weird Garbutt goal.

The Ducks head home and take on the Canadiens next.