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Anaheim @ San Jose BEST AND WORST: Back In The Win Column

A controversial goal went in our favour? Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

Best: Getting The Win In Spite Of Everything

The Ducks have deserved wins in two of their last three and were either jobbed by a bad call from the officials or ran into a game-stealing goaltender. So getting this one, even though that Garbutt goal was kind of iffy, was a damn good feeling.

Worst: Getzlaf and Perry looking completely out of sorts in places

We get it, you are in a scoring drought, the pressure is on, you are the leadership core etc etc. But come the F on fellas. You got trapped and forced to run around like you were in a Benny Hill montage by the Sharks friggin fourth line.

Best: Leadership Core Taking Ownership, Sort Of.

Run-on from my previous point - the reaction from Getzlaf and Perry to that poor showing did result in a drawn penalty and a subsequent goal on the ensuing powerplay. So the happy ending there is that they didnt sulk, mope and run around taking stupid penalties like they might have done in the past. They held themselves accountable, went back to basics and hit the crap out of Sharks on their very next shift.

Worst: Sharks Being Clutchy, Grabby, Holdy and Running Interference Plays off of a lot of face-offs.

The color guys didn't seem to notice but I sure did. There were several occasions - one vivid one being the Couture goal; where the Sharks would win the face off back to the point. The Ducks forwards attempt to rush the point but find themselves being held by their counterparts. Last time I checked that wasn't legal.

Three Stars:

3. Nick Ritchie

Any number of Ducks could be third star for this game, Garbutt (for his weird goalie-destroying goal), Kesler, Cogliano and others are just as equally deserving but Ritchie stood out to me. He didn't make any mistakes and he just played his game. Unashamedly it’s mainly because I laughed with glee when he completely ran roughshod over the Sharks in their zone in the third. The way that line is coming together, with Ritchie creating the space and Kase being the skill finesse. Watch this space.

2. Rickard Rakell

Even with his line-mates deciding to take a quick nap midway through the game Ricky kept it real and was his usual awesome self. Getting the second goal on the rush and with Vlasic in close proximity made that one extra special.

1. Ryan Getzlaf

Old Getzlaf would have likely comepltely lost his shit after the Sharks fourth line scored on that terrible shift. I don’t think even Boudreau could control old Getzlaf. But the captain made right, laid the body on the next shift and on the resulting powerplay found the back of the net on his second high danger chance.