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Ducks @ Blue Jackets (11/9/16)Preview: Lindholm Returns!

#47 returns to the lineup for his season debut

NHL: Anaheim Ducks at Columbus Blue Jackets Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

(Apologies for late publish, work got in the way. -JC)

Ducks @ Blue Jackets Preview (11/9/16)

The Ducks and the Jackets have both been plagued by inconsistencies to start the year. The first time these teams met, the Jackets put up an embarrassing four goals in the first period, which the Ducks were unable to recover from (at least it wasn’t as bad as the 10 they put up on Montreal...). The Ducks have had their fair share of inconsistencies as well with every game seemingly being a 4-1 win or a 1-4 loss. The real question will be, which versions of these teams will we see tonight?

The Ducks have their star defenseman Hampus Lindholm back for his first game of the season. Yesterday he met up with the team in Columbus and practiced for the first time this season.

Michael Sgarbossa and Ondrej Kase have been sent back down to San Diego. Kase recorded his first point as a Duck against Arizona, while Sgarbossa had 2 assists through six games with the Ducks. Ryan Getzlaf only needs one assist to pass Teemu Selanne to become the Ducks all-time leader in assists. After getting some sense knocked into him by the offspring of Tie Domi, Ryan Kesler had a big two goal night against Calgary. Kelser always seems to up the compete level playing in the city where he spent his college years

This is a big game for me as it is one of the only Ducks games I get to attend throughout the season being a Cleveland native (Pls don’t bring up that WS). I do find myself a bit conflicted though. I have always had an unnatural hatred of watching Jared Boll in all my trips to Columbus over the years. I was an equal hater of Garbutt when he played for the stars, but I’ve really come around on him. Boll, not so much. I was pretty upset when the Ducks signed him, but its really starting to hit home now that i’ll have to watch him play live in a Ducks sweater.


The score will read 4-1, it’s anyone’s guess who for.

PS: This man doesn’t lie