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A Lack of Consistency and Moving Forward

Your editor wants to build a site you are proud of and wants to start with an apology. And a promise.

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Chicago Blackhawks at Anaheim Ducks Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports


I want to start by apologizing to you, the readers. Anaheim Calling is a great, diverse community of hockey fans. Our readers are smart and passionate and have built something to be proud of in this community. And, in the end, this site is about all of you guys. Anaheim Calling is a site run by fans for the fans. All of what we do is about producing content that y’all enjoy. And we want to give you a place to be a fan, voice your opinions, and have constructive and educated discussions about the team that we love. The GameThread comment sections are some of the coolest stuff you can read on our site as you can see the range of ideas and opinions that our readers have and how they have built a very fun and welcoming environment on this site.

So, my job is to make sure that I build on not only what my predecessors have done but what you, the readers, have done here over the years. In that, I have failed over the last 2 months, and I’m sorry. Game day posts have been inconsistent or just gone entirely and y’all have taken notice. Many of you have taken to the comments section or Twitter to voice your concerns and I want you to know that I’ve heard you. I promise you that I will make the changes to fix these issues and ensure we live up to the standard you expect from us. Part of that will come with me announcing two associate editors this week to ensure we always have people available with the ability to publish. Other changes will be behind the scenes especially when it comes to my communication with my staff.

Finally, I want to make sure everyone knows this is not the fault of my staff. I have been very lucky to have brought on a lot of passionate and intelligent writers who do a very good job. The responsibility for the lack of content recently falls squarely on my shoulders. As such, I promise all of you that I will take it upon myself to ensure we make the changes to get this site back to where it needs to be. To get this started, I have created a Google survey here that I would like as many of you as possible to go and fill out. This survey will ask you a bunch of questions on your opinion of different things that we do on Anaheim Calling and what you want to see from the site. If you could take just a few minutes of your time to go and fill it out we would be extremely grateful. Also, go ahead and blow up the comment section on this article with anything you want to say. I will read every comment.

Thank you all so much for your dedication to this site and this team. I look forward to the rest of the season with y’all.


JC McDonough

Anaheim Calling Managing Editor


PS. We are always looking for new people who want to contribute to Anaheim Calling. If you are interested, send us a message on Twitter or fire off an email to anaheimcallingsbn at gmail dot com.