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Best and Worst: What a First Period

Anaheim has now won six straight games in Boston.

Steve Babineau, Getty Images

Best: The Comeback

Even though it was only in the first period, it was great to see the Ducks quickly tie the game at two. It’s always nice to get a little puck luck. Anaheim’s first goal was an own goal credited to Andrew Cogliano. The Ducks would go on to take the lead early in the second period. It was reassuring to see the team bounce back and turn in a solid performance.

Worst: Two Goals Against in 14 Seconds

This is barely possible playing NHL 17 (“Chel” as the cool kids call it) so it probably should not happen in a real game. Defensive breakdowns led directly to two goals. If Anaheim is aiming for consistency then it may require a few systems changes to the D zone coverage.

Best: Kevin Bieksa Breakaways

During the five-second play I felt every emotion imaginable. Seeing Getzlaf ready to pass, realizing before he let it go that Bieksa would be the recipient, panicking, watching the defender trying to control the puck, more panicking, shooting five hole, SCORING, doing positive things, getting reviewed and upheld, wow deep breathes. The universe is pretty funny sometimes. You will always remember where you saw a Kevin Bieksa breakaway.

Worst: Turtle

According to, the Ducks had four shot attempts in the final fourteen minutes of the game. In the same amount of time the Bruins had thirty-two. That’s peak turtle if I have ever seen it. Anaheim was lucky to not have a repeat of the third period in Dallas.

Honorable Mention Best: Dunkin’ Donuts Ads

TD Garden has two Dunkin’ ads on the boards directly in front of the Bruins bench. Best advertising in the league.

Three Stars

3. Jakob Silfverberg

2. Jonathan Bernier

1. Rickard Rakell

Random Rakell Stat: Twelve goals on the year and ten of them have been at even strength.