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PODCAST: An Absurdly Bad Call

That Islanders shooutout...

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Anaheim Calling: The Podcast “Clashing” logo
Earl Sleek

JC and Felix are back at it after a fun Thanksgiving break. Find all our episodes here on Soundcloud or here on iTunes (YES WE’RE FINALLY ON iTUNES).

On This Week’s Show:

Recorded: Saturday December 3, 2016

  • Anaheim may have more depth scoring than we thought
  • The guys are not big fans of the Fowler/Vatanen pairing
  • We still don’t know what happened in that shootout against the Islanders
  • And much more!!!!!!!!!!

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Email us at anaheimcallingsbn at gmail dot com


Hit us up on Twitter: @AnaheimCalling, JC is @AC_JC1591, and Felix is @Felix_Sicard

Thanks for listening everyone!

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Huge shout out to listener and friend of the show Jesse Herber who does all our audio editing. A special thank you to Orange County punk band U.S. Bombs for our intro/outro music off their album “War Birth.” And finally a thank you to @EarlSleek for our “Clashing” logo.