Fan Petition To Remove Mike Milbury From NBC Broadcasts


Fans surely noted the sour, mocking, dismissive demeanor from Mike Milbury (seen in 1979 entering the stands and attacking a Rangers fan with a shoe) this All Star weekend when it came to discussing the inclusion of John Scott by fan vote. The same guy that included Chris Nilan (career 3043 PIM in 688 GP) as his coaches selection for the '91 All Star game had a problem with fans voting for an enforcer- hilarious. After the success of voting in Scott, there's now a petition to NBC to remove Milbury from their hockey coverage. Sure, it's an online petition with nothing binding, but if nothing else it's a way to register disgust at the man whose mismanagement destroyed the Islanders in the 90's being treated as an 'expert' on American hockey television.

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