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Gamethread: Game Five — Ducks @ Predators (4/23/16)

Who will take the lead in what is now a best of three series?

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Whenever a series is tied 2-2, the word "pivotal" ends up getting attached to the words "Game Five" quite a bit, and for good reason. The team that loses tonight will be forced to play for their season on Monday, and the team that wins will be looking to lock up their date with the San Jose Sharks.

The home team, as everyone reading this knows, is 0-4 in this series. More encouragingly, the Ducks have won each of their last five Game Fives, all at home, against Chicago, Calgary, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Detroit. Then again, that means their most recent Game Five loss came at home against the Nashville Predators after a 2-2 series. And this time we don't even have Bobby Ryan to score The Bobby Ryan Goal.

None of that, to be clear, matters now. Go Ducks.