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Handshake Line: Predators Hunt To Kill

Congrats, y'all. You deserve it. (No, really, you do.)

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The handshake line is the classiest tradition in sports. Variations of the word "classy" get overused in sports, and also frequently have negative implications, but the handshake line is not that kind of "classy." It takes great maturity to shake hands with members of the opposing team after a bitterly fought series, but you all do it anyway.

To the entire team: It takes enormous bravery to enter a Game 7 situation in a hostile barn. Moreover, this Game 7 was the first in the history of your franchise. But you all took it in stride, relaxed, and focused on getting the job done. Though the Ducks outshot you, dominated possession, and had better scoring opportunities - the Predators had the will to win. And excellent clock management when it counted (thinking of the "keep away" game).

To Peter Laviolette: I thought that your departure from Philly was unfortunate, particularly because you led them to a Stanley Cup Final back in 2010. You have clearly found a new identity - and another playoff-caliber team - with the Predators.

To Mike Fisher: AKA Mr. Carrie Underwood. You are the type of veteran forward who would be an asset to any playoff team. Since I have begun typing this piece, you have already scored a clutch goal. Good for you.

To Pekka Rinne: I must sadly agree with Daniel here, and say that your Vezina glory years are long gone. Your regular season play was...not good. However, you made the saves that you needed to make throughout the series (particularly the save at the end of the first period during Game 7).

To James Neal: I can't decide whether you are a pest or a dirty player, and Evgeni Malkin and Sidney Crosby made you look better than you actually are in Pittsburgh. But you're good at drawing penalties and rattling the opposition.