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2016 NHL Draft: Anaheim Ducks Select Jack Kopacka 93rd Overall

The Saulte Ste. Marie Greyhounds hard working Left Wing is Anaheim's latest selection in the NHL Entry Draft

I'm a Duck Too!
I'm a Duck Too!
James Egan Photography, via The Hockey Writers

The Ducks continued to emphasize skating in the mid rounds by selecting power skater Jack Kopacka. Known for his acceleration and speed, Jack plays a more North-South game. However, he isn't known for using the physical side of his 6'2" 190 lbs frame. He doesn't always finish his check and struggles with battles along the boards, limiting the efficacy of his forecheck.

He does have high level offensive skills. He can stickhandle with speed and has a stand-out shot among his peers, but that shot might not be NHL ready. Despite this, he didn't have elite level production in the OHL this season, posting only 20+23=43 in the regular season and 2+2=4 in the postseason for the Greyhounds.

If he develops the physical game, Kopacka might be able to live as third line winger who can be productive from the circles down in the offensive zone and pesky in the defensive zone by using his long reach to harass defenders at the point.  Kopacka is another power forward for the farm system.