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Anaheim Calling: The Podcast set to return in October

Your favorite Anaheim Ducks podcast is ready to make a triumphant return.

AC Podcast Cartoon 1


The AC Pod is set to return the first week of October for its first episode since April. A show that began back in January of 2013 will now move into it’s fifth season with a new set of hosts. Old names you may know that have graced Anaheim Calling: The Podcast include Yahoo’s Jen Neale, Chris Kober, Sportsnet’s Jeff Marek, as well as Eric Evelhoch and Kyle Nicolas. Next month you will get some fresh faces (or voices, I guess) on the podcast.

Your host will be JC McDonough, Managing Editor of Anaheim Calling and newly declared Phil Kessel fan (see Phil Kessel’s lastest tweet). Joining him as co-host will be Felix Sicard. Felix is the host of the Garage Hockey Podcast and has also covered the Ducks for The Hockey Writers for the last three years. You can check Felix out on Twitter @Felix_Sicard.

Podcasts will be around an hour of Ducks game discussion, NHL news, and complaining about Randy Carlyle. Get hyped Ducks fans, because we certainly are!