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Just Another Casual Introduction

But Will He Leadership Hard Enough?

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Hello Anaheim Calling! My name is Daniel Kleinberg, and I am joining the writing staff for this season. You might know me as that random poster who seems to care way too much about goalies and equipment. And guess what? Now you get to hear about those all the time!

I am originally from Tustin, California, which is a far ten minutes from Honda Center. After eighteen years in the same house, I decided it was time for a change and chose to go to school in the most random place I could think of—Madison, Wisconsin. Subsequently freezing for four years, I thawed out for a few months in California and moved up to Portland, Oregon where I live now. I found a Mexican restaurant that has taco night on Monday if that gives you any idea about my current struggles.

Being a stereotypical Southern California native, I grew up playing street hockey with my neighborhood friends after school. I always volunteered to be the goalie and impersonate my idol Patrick Roy with his glove saves. That turned out to be a little difficult with a baseball glove but fun nonetheless. However when I was a kid I was only able to play baseball and soccer. Once I was a teenager I started to get into golf and hockey, which is what I still play today. I did not play in my first hockey league until I was seventeen years old but have not looked back since. When I am not playing goalie you can find me playing either wing trying to get some exercise.

I have always liked hockey, but I did not love it until I moved to Wisconsin. I could not truly appreciate it until I was able to skate on a frozen pond. There is nothing like waking up early in the morning when the wind chill is well below freezing and skating outside. There is no such thing as paying for ice time and the best part is you don’t have to wait for the Zamboni to finish. If you’re reading this and have never been able to experience this type of skating, please give it a try.

I have a confession to make right off the bat. My dad is a Kings fan and my mom happens to like the Red Wings. I still can’t figure out if they actually care about hockey or just like to get under my skin. The other side of my family likes the Chicago Blackhawks come April, so it’s been an interesting life so far. For the record my dad is considering buying a Ducks mini plan package this year so maybe there is still time to convert him.

All in all, I am looking forward to a great year. Here’s to hoping Vatanen and.... Well anyone who can still score goals does so this year.

Please follow me on Twitter @dklein_one9 if you have any questions about Anaheim Ducks Hockey or just need to improve your following/followers ratio.