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Another Midwest Duck

Not some Iowa Chop.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I’m Shaun Greene, a new writer for Anaheim Calling from Iowa and no, I did not support the "Chop" team name.

Iowa, like most states that don’t have an NHL team, has an eclectic mix of fans that tend to follow a wide range of teams and loyalties. For Iowa hockey fans, you will find the regular mix of Blackhawks, Wild, Blues and of course the dreaded Wing’s fan. (Yes, one Detroit fan. I think his name is Craig and he smells.)

I started following the Ducks at a young age because like most 90’s kids, I loved Pogs, the X-Men, the Mighty Duck movies and Starter Jackets. And in case you wondering, I did have both the Ducks Starter windbreaker and the winter coat.

Growing up, I only played organized roller hockey for a couple of seasons as a kid, but my brothers and I were always outside playing street hockey in the driveway. I was always Paul Kariya (I know, I know, controversial), and my brother, a Street Sharks and regular Sharks fan, was always Irbe.

When I’m not watching the Ducks, I also work, play in an adult ice hockey league, travel with my wife, and watch way too much TV. My current favorite is Shameless and now that the PS4 has an HBONOW app, I might stop going outside.

I’m excited to join the Anaheim Calling family. It’s always great to discuss Duck’s Hockey and hope to interact with all the fans with great discussions like, "When and how quickly can we retire No. 9?" and "Please stop sending me hate mail."

Thanks to all the readers and I look forward to an amazing year of Ducks Hockey. Feel free to follow me on Twitter @shaungreene. I rarely update it, but now that I have a reason, I will start sending out AC articles and some more Ducks related content.

PS- I promise to not bring up Paul Kariya that often. That was mostly just to generate the clicks. Please give me the clicks. I crave the clicks.