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Ducks vs Avalanche BEST/WORST: A Cinderella Story

Because the Glass Slipper (Pane) finally fit

Debora Robinson, Getty Images

Best: Hampus, finding the offense

He was awarded first star with his timely game tying goal on the Power Play and once again quietly prevented all sorts of scoring opportunities for the opposition. Tied best +/- since 2013/2014. The cheapest and best defenceman in the league ladies and gentlemen.

Worst: The Great Glass Saga

Not that I am trying to tell you guys how to do your job, but surely you can have a little library of different sizes of glass with labels, maybe even colour code it, and when you need to change one out in quick, smart fashion. It would take you all of 10, maybe 15 minutes. Not 45 minutes. That’s longer than most celebrity marriages.

Best: Secondary / Second PP Unit Scoring

Nick Ritchie got the game winner just as I was pondering to myself that the third line was having another quiet night. But the jam line came up clutch when needed and Kase was instrumental in his quick thinking to touch the pass back to the in-better-position Ritchie. Oh yea, Ritchie was screening the seemingly unbeatable Pickard for that first goal too so yea - he had a really good game.

Worst: #SecondPeriodExperience

After essentially having their foot on the throat of the Avalanche for the entire first period the Ducks eased off in the second. Then after finally get back on the ice for the rest of the second they promptly let the Avalanche control play and subsequently score. Falling asleep against cellar dwelling teams is a frustratingly common trait for this squad.

Honorable Mention: Ryan Getzlaf

He played awesome again and even shot the puck a bunch more. He has definitely turned a corner.

Three Stars:

3. Ryan Getzlaf

2. Hampus Lindholm

1. Nick Ritchie