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PODCAST: New Year, New Podcast, Same Old Hosts

Happy New Year AC Pod fans! We’re back!

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Anaheim Calling: The Podcast “Clashing” logo
Earl Sleek

Want to contribute to the next show? Post any questions in the comments section and the guys will hit as many as they can in the next show.

JC and Felix are back after the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. Find all our episodes here on Soundcloud or here on iTunes (YES WE’RE FINALLY ON iTUNES).

On This Week’s Show:

Recorded: Monday January 2, 2017

  • What are your New Year’s Resolutions for the Ducks?
  • There are some similarities between Anaheim’s first half this season and last season
  • A look ahead at a pivotal month of hockey for Anaheim
  • And much more!!!!!!!!!!

Need to contact the show?

Email us at anaheimcallingsbn at gmail dot com


Hit us up on Twitter: @AnaheimCalling, JC is @AC_JC1591, and Felix is @Felix_Sicard

Thanks for listening everyone!

—Stick Taps—

Huge shout out to listener and friend of the show Jesse Herber who does all our audio editing. A special thank you to Orange County punk band U.S. Bombs for our intro/outro music off their album “War Birth.” And finally a thank you to @EarlSleek for our “Clashing” logo.