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Season Milestones

Prepare the party hats

NHL: Philadelphia Flyers at Anaheim Ducks
They say scoring 500 means you're really good, really old, or both. Vermette has been both
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Ducks are a young franchise without much history behind them as yet. Despite the success the franchise has had, and the absolute superstars that have worn our jerseys, we as a fan base have rarely had the opportunity to bask in the sweet glow of history. Nor to celebrate that achievements of the men who gives hours of entertainment. With Antoine Vermette’s 500th NHL point going under the radar for many fans, it seemed prudent to make a list of any upcoming milestones in reach this season. Whether they were all achieved in a Ducks uniform, they're all Ducks now. Some of their achievements may be might be bigger than others, but any cause for celebrate is cause for cake. Or tequila. Or cake and tequila.

From the top down:

Ryan Getzlaf

  • 250 goals: 14 to go.
  • 600 assists: 22 helpers to go. Rumour abounds that he's back in training, and can't be far from returning to game action. If healthy and he gets a warm body to play with, this is a walk in the park.
  • 850 points: A smaller milestone in a way, and it would put him in the frame to reach the top 100 of all time next season.

Corey Perry

  • 967 Games: If Perry can play every game this season, he’ll go into the books as the #1 games played record holder for the Ducks. After playing 82 in the past 2 years, theres half a chance he makes it. If not this year then definitely next.
  • 100 PP goals: 3 to go baby. Its not a big marker, but its a step closer to..
  • 107 PPG: Perry has a chance to match and break, Kariya’s 107 for 2nd place in Ducks Franchise history.
  • 370 assists: Perry needs 1 more assist, to break the current tie with PK and move into the outright #3 position overall in franchise history.
  • 400 assists: He's got 31 to go, but after going for 34 last season and with a potentially improved Rakell to slide in with he's at least a chance.
  • 750 points: 30 more points should be a walk in the park for a player of Perry's ilk.

Ryan Kesler

  • 250 goals: Even sitting on the pine, Kesler should be able to tally up the 5 more he requires to hit this mark.
  • 900 games: 3 to go. With another 50 years left on his current contract, its likely he’ll reach number 1000 with the Ducks. Something to keep in mind over the next two seasons.

Andrew Cogliano

  • 800 games played: 800 consecutive games played. The man is a machine. He has 22 to reach this mark. Lets be real, he’ll hit 850 this season as well.
  • 150 goals: 5 to go
  • 200 assists: 9 to go
  • 350 points: 14 to go.
  • 16 SHG: Why is this notable? It would be a share of the franchise lead with Kariya. After Coach BB shifted him into a defensive role the second year after Cogs arrived in Anaheim, he's had 2 seasons of 2 SHG, and 3 with 3SHG. With the increase in penalties being called this season, I like his chances.

Rickard Rakell

  • 150 points: Goals and assist milestones may be slightly out of his reach given how he's produced to date, however Rakell should easily eclipse this mark. Needing only 18 points, I suspect he does so before Christmas.
  • 250 games: 12 to go.
  • 92 Goals. If Rakell can match last years production he’ll claim a share of 7th all time on the goal scoring list. Ditto for Cogliano and Silf... but Rakell seems more likely. I suspect all three are ranked by seasons end, knocking Kunitz out of the top 10.

Jakob Silfverberg

  • 350 games: 6 to go
  • 100 assists: 6 to go. If Silf’s play on opening night was anything to go by this should be a doozy. That move to undress Schenn and set him as a screen for Kase’s shot/goal was masterful.
  • 200 points: A 30 point season would be considered a big step back for Silf, andI suspect he does this one with time to spare.

Patrick Eaves

  • 150 goals & 650 games played: I feel like I'm cheating , but we might be waiting for next year to knock these ones off. 19 goals and 26 games could be a struggle given Eaves history, but if he can be healthy and he plays with Getzlaf for a length of time these targets should fall.
  • 250 point: 9 to go. If he gets on the park this should be easy pickings.

Antoine Vermette

  • 1000 games: Well the guy is old as dirt. 16 more games and he hits this big number.
  • 300 assists: 21 assists is right on his range given he’s had 19 and 22 the past two seasons.

Jared Boll

  • 600 games: 29 to go. Somehow he’ll get there.

Chris Wagner

  • 100 games: 3 to go.

Sami Vatanen

  • 300 games: 35 to go. He should be healthy enough to fit these in this season
  • 100 assists: 10 to.
  • 1 Hattrick: Sure this goes for anyone but i like Sami the best. 1 hattrick gets him a share of 7th in franchise history. Things like this make you think just how young the Ducks really are.

Hampus Lindholm

  • 100 assists: 17 to go. This seems close enough to the limit of his range given his role and what he's produced so far. He should get there.... but health will be a factor.

Cam Fowler

  • 500 games: done.
  • 528 games played: 32 until he's the 7th most played player in franchise history.
  • 50 goals: 4 to go
  • 200 assists: 28 to go. This is likely on his limit.
  • 206 assists: This would have him over taking Scotty as the most assists for a defensemen in franchise history. It would also place him 6th overall in the franchise.
  • 250 points: 32 to go. This is likely on his limit.

Josh Manson

  • 200 games: 17 to go.
  • 50 points: Its a small mark and its likely right on Manson's limit, but why the hell not. Lets celebrate.

Kevin Bieksa

  • 800 games: 49 to go. I don't know how either, but we know he's going to make it.
  • 100 PPP: 7 to go. If Coach Carlyle keeps putting him out there, according to the theory of infinite possibilities, this will happen. Also eventually Ill pull my clothes perfectly folded out of the dryer - we can all hope for miracles.

Francois Beauchemin

  • 850 games: 12 to go
  • 528 games played (for the Ducks): 1 to go, for 7th overall in franchise history
  • 200 assists: 2 to go
  • 300 points: 29 away. This seems like a reach but he's only one season removed from a 34 point campaign, and Carlyle does love his vets. If he's still out on the PP in a month, who the hell knows what can happen.

John Gibson

  • 150 starts: crazy he's this young, but 37 more games gets him there.
  • 78 Wins: 15 more wins and he has 4th place for franchise wins locked up.
  • 21 Shutouts: This is probably a stretch, given he needs 9 more to share 3rd place with Hiller, but after 4 and 6 in the past two years, who knows how much he’ll climb.

Some of these matter more than others. Some are barely worth taking note of. Some are the hallmarks of amazing careers. I believe it’s worth taking the time to celebrate these wonderful careers. Despite what people may think of certain players today, they're all amazing athletes that have provided us with hours of entertainment. For the older statesmen, this is their life’s work. When it occurs, we should take a moment and let it sink in. But that’s just what’s coming up. Vermette just hit 500 career points, and that’s not nothing.