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Monday Musings: New Staff, Expectations, and Some Thanks

San Jose Sharks v Anaheim Ducks Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Monday Musings is my weekly platform to briefly touch on things in the Ducks’ and hockey world over the last seven days. I will talk about anything from a specific game to greater NHL issues and anything else that I feel I want to get my thoughts out on. Please feel free to discuss anything I bring up extensively in the comments, I look forward to hearing y’alls thoughts as well.

This week’s “Monday Musings” will be more inwardly focused on AC and this season. With the season set to kick off in 3 days, we are ready and raring to go for Anaheim’s 2017-2018 Stanley Cup campaign.

New Staff

Part of getting ready for this season was bringing in some new staff. A fantastic core of writers has returned this season and now we are lucky enough to add to our ranks. I would personally like to welcome Adam, Justin, Josh, Jake, Kyle, Peter, Jeremy, Benny, and Eric to the Anaheim Calling family. I’m thankful for your passion for our site and our team and look forward to a great year here at Anaheim Calling.

If you missed it, we gave brief introductions to all of our new staff here. Also, make sure to keep an eye out for their articles in the near future. All our new staff are excited to hit the ground running this season and you should all expect great things from all of them.


With our staff now up to 18 total members, we have quite the opportunity this season. I am very proud of all the work we did last season despite our staff being so green, but I know we can do better. As my high school football coach used to say “be happy, but not satisfied.” Last year was a step forward for our site, but I know this year we can take a huge leap. We want to continuously churn out content for all of you this year. We have reorganized the staff to narrow everyone’s focus and hopefully better equip us to constantly produce for our readers.

What you can look forward to this week:

  • Ducks roster previews (forwards, defense, goaltending)
  • A look back at the preseason
  • Pacific Division Primer
  • Staff predictions for this season

What you can expect this season:

  • More editorial articles going in-depth on everything Anaheim Ducks
  • More (and quicker) coverage of breaking news in Anaheim and the NHL
  • Our regular gamut of gameday coverage (with some new tweaks)
  • More episodes and live broadcasts of Anaheim Calling: The Podcast

If there is anything that I haven’t listed above that you would like to see on AC this season, don’t hesitate to throw your ideas in the comments section below!

A Thank You

Finally, I’d like to thank everyone who read my Monday Musing’s article last week and participated in the dialogue in the comments section of the article. The topic of the article was obviously very divisive and politically charged, but everyone was civil and mature in their discussions in the comments, even when things got a bit heated. I appreciate everyone’s ability to express their opinions in a respectful manner and hope that you will continue to do the same in all our future articles here on Anaheim Calling.