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Duck Tales: The Kevin Bieksa Punched A Man Edition

The punch even impressed an MMA fighter.

NHL: Montreal Canadiens at Anaheim Ducks Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports


  • In case you need a reminder, Kevin Bieksa was injured in a fight against Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Radko Gulas on Tuesday night, and was sent back to California yesterday. [ESPN]
  • Bieksa’s punch impressed MMA veteran Georges St. Pierre. [Sporting News]
  • Ducks forward Antoine Vermette is one of eight active NHL players who could hit 1,000 career games played this season. [The Daily Free Press]
  • Retired Duck Teemu Selanne donated his Finnish National Team jersey in honor of the Thai Finnish Chamber of Commerce’s 25th anniversary. []
  • Ryan Getzlaf reflects (briefly) on his role as captain. [The Hockey News]