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Halloween Special

Here are some of the weirdest events in NHL history

2016 Coors Light Stadium Series - Alumni Game Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Happy Halloween!

I hope it is more memorable for you than mine was tonight (I am writing this from the future, spooky? I’ll let you figure out how that's possible).

But in honor of this strange and spooky night, let us delve into the NHL archives for some curious and kooky encounters in hockey.

  1. Patrick Roy gets bored, goes for a skate.

Before Roy was known for epic tantrums, he was better known for eccentric play and in an era that he shared with Domink Hasek - that is really saying something. Well in this game against the New York Rangers he got super bored and decided to go for a skate. Or he just forgot that he was in the middle of a game.

2. Three goals and two disallowed, which one counts?

In a game between the Kings and Sharks then LA King Ryan Smyth scored what looked to be a goal before Marc-Edward Vlasic cleared the puck off the line and sent play the other way, where the Sharks appeared to then possibly score also. But neither goal could be reviewed until play was stopped - when Torey Mitchell got a breakaway and... scored. So which goal counted?

3. Brendan Shanahan recommends Gillette

Before he was laying the Ban-Hammer, Brendan Shanahan was politely telling female fans to invest in underarm umm trimmers?

4. Shoe Brawl

In the “good ol days” of hockey - sometimes hockey brawls didnt just stay on the ice. At one point Mike Milbury (yep the same one) grabs a fans shoe and attempts to starts beating him with it.

5. Patrik Stefan

Patrik Stefan was once a first overall draft pick with extremely high expectations. Then this happened.

He now lives in Laguna and coaches in OC so I feel bad putting this here now, um Happy Halloween Patrik!

Deliberately left out the “Fog Game” because its an obvious choice and good god the commentary on that clip is beyond cheese (yes I realise this piece is too)

Feel free to share any weird or funny NHL moments you recall in the comments or compare Ducks players to Stranger Things characters. Rickard Rakell would definitely have to be Eleven.