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Focus on Maxime Comtois

2017 NHL Draft - Portraits Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

In an effort to keep up with how non-Gulls prospects are doing I thought I would try to do a semi regular update on a recent draft hopeful.

Most all of the Anaheim youth in the pipeline went back to their junior teams and started the junior season at an above average point per game clip - but none more so than 2017 2nd rounder Maxime Comtois.

Comtois stormed out of the gates with 11 points in 9 games. Including 9 goals. This kind of point production seemed to be setting him up for a potentially record breaking season until a nasty incident that ended in Comtois receiving a concussion at the hands of Shawinigan Cataractes defenceman Charlie Roy. Roy is an undrafted overager playing in the Q and was given a 15 game suspension for the offense.

Thankfully the head injury did not keep Maxime out for too long and he has since returned to action, playing a further 6 games as at the time of writing this. Putting up a further 5 points to bring his total to 16 points 15 games. Still better than a point per game click but compared to the 9 goals he had already scored, he has just the one since his return. Hopefully the incident has not affected his mental game or desire to get into dirty areas.

His thoughts on the recovery process.

He currently sits 2nd on the Tigres in scoring behind undrafted overager James Phelan who has 22 points through an extra 3 games.

Overall Comtois is 39th in league scoring but ranks 27th in Points Per Game, if he can pick up his goal-scoring proficiency to bring it back to somewhere near what it was at the start of the season he will solidify himself as another blue-chip forward to keep an eye on but for now there are potential concerns about what that early concussion has done for his confidence in tight scoring areas.