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Ducks @ Blackhawks RECAP: Bloody Monday

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Will the bleeding ever end? Anaheim falls to Chicago in a 7-3 slaughter at United Center.

NHL: Anaheim Ducks at Chicago Blackhawks Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight was the first battle between both clubs this season which usually means a well-matched game. Due to the injuries to the majority of our players, the “prospects” seemed to show a little spark.

1st Period:

Chicago completely dominated the first five minutes of the first period. Nick Ritchie did have a solid showing in the first period with multiple quality shots. Ritchie had a breakaway goal that was blocked by Corey Crawford.

Ryan Hartman with a behind the net pass sent the puck to Patrick Sharp who scored a goal over John Gibson’s right shoulder weak side. 1st/08:57 1-0 Chicago. Anisomov had a great shot on John Gibson who made a sprawling save. And later, John Gibson would have another solid save against Brandon Saad who would have a great chance.

Nick Shmaltz then found a wide open Debrincat, who now tallied a goal on top of his assist in the game. 1st/16:22 2-0 Chicago. The bleeding didn’t stop there. Again, but this time from Brandon Saad, who scored a goal to the upper right shoulder of John Gibson. 1st/18:11 3-0 Chicago. Anaheim finished the 1st Period looking completely defeated. Not sure what Randy Carlyle could have said to help Anaheim recover. Chicago outshot Anaheim with 16 Shots vs 7 Shots.

2nd Period:

Surprisingly John Gibson was still in goal despite the poor play. Anaheim looked completely awful in the beginning of the 2nd giving up multiple pucks right in front of John Gibson. Gibson ended up getting a tripping penalty trying to knock the puck away from Nick Shmaltz. Fortunately, Anaheim successfully killed off the Gibson penalty.

Artem Anisimov had another beautiful goal as the trend to aim at the upper right shoulder of John Gibson continued. 2nd/04:15 4-0 Chicago. Finally—a beautiful set up by Jakob Silfverberg set up a goal for Andrew Cogliano. 2nd/06:14 4-1 Chicago.

Chicago just continued to absolutely dominate Anaheim during the entire 2nd period. Ryan Hartman put a solid shot on Ryan Miller’s pad and set up a great rebound for Alex Debrincat. 2nd/07:49 5-1 Chicago. It was then Anaheim’s turn with Chris Wagner getting a goofy goal on Corey Crawford. 2nd/09:19 5-2 Chicago. Alex Debrincat then ended up getting his hattrick off of a Cam Fowler penalty and the resulting man advantage. 2nd/14:14 6-2 Chicago. This time, Anaheim ended up getting a power play with 25 seconds left in the 2nd period and would have 1:35 on the power play for the start of the 3rd.

3rd Period:

Anaheim started the 3rd with 1:35 left on the power play. Anaheim didn’t produce anything but one shot on the power play, but that one shot was all that was needed for Chris Wagner to tip in a goal. 3rd/01:33 6-3 Chicago. Twenty seconds after the goal Kevin Roy puts his club on the power play again. Anaheim had a couple of solid shots on the power play, but no dice. Chicago was clearly playing easy on Anaheim this period. The production Anaheim produces is like a fart in the wind. Then Patrick Kane had a perfect pass to set up a goal for Nick Schmaltz. 3rd/05:48 7-3 Chicago. And to top this massacre off, Brandon Montour ended up getting hit, skating off to the bench and immediately into the Anaheim locker room.

Chicago closes out Anaheim 7-3 at United Center. Anaheim has a day off tomorrow and will play St Louis Blue at Scottrade Center Wednesday Night.