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Ducks vs Panthers BEST/WORST: Hey, Where The Offense At

Trade Deadline on the way, defencemen gone be traded fo that.

Florida Panthers v Anaheim Ducks Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Best: John Gibson

Gibby didnt have a chance on any of the goals he let in. It’s hard to see past moving traffic. It’s impossible to stop Jagr all alone in front when your defenceman gifts him the puck. And you may as well be putting up the white flag when your own defencemen provides a screen that Dustin Byfuglien would be proud of. He did get caught swimming a whole bunch but you couldn't blame him because the rest of the team didn't really show up for much of the game.

Worst: Team chemistry and overall effort or urgency

As stated in the recap the Ducks seemed to mostly fall asleep for large periods of the game. The sort of plays that lead to Panthers goals were weak turnovers that should have been avoided had anybody shown any willingness to actually play or want to win the game. Giving up a 2-0 breakaway when you are on the power play is inexcusable. If the Ducks continue to play like this, something will need to be done to shake up the lineup because it is looking largely uninspired at the moment. It’s weird, it feels like it was about this time last year that we were in the same situation - before David Perron and Jamie McGinn were brought in and rejuvinated the offense.

Best: Brandon Montour

He was given 19:03 TOI (more than Manson and Bieska) and is growing more confident with every game. He was the only good thing about the power play. His chemistry with Fowler is instant and one of these days those slap-pass plays are going to come off on a consistent basis. He felt to me like the best and most noticable D-man on the ice for the Ducks. Speaking of the blue-line...

Worst: Kevin Bieska

You suck Kevin. Please get off this team.

Honorable Mention: Did You Know?

The Ducks are 8-3 when Andrew Cogliano scores a goal. Why did I look that up? Because it feels like we tend to lose whenever he scores but turns out I was wrong. My bad.

Three Stars:

1. John Gibson- You tried mate.

2. Brandon Montour - Keep it up kid.

3. Ondrej Kase - Played a brilliant speedy game with an edge for the first 40 minutes then fell asleep with the rest of the team.