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INTRODUCTION: Calling All Ducks Fans

Just a kid from the OC

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Hello Ducks fans! This is Caleb Speer calling out to the AC community and I’m proud to say I am the newest addition to the Anaheim Calling writing staff. I’m going to be more active on twitter so go ahead and find me @speer_27. Feel free to reach out any time! Just like Rakell, I am joining the squad a little late but hey, look how that turned out!

I was given the gift of being raised in the heart of Orange County within the shadow of the Big A. I grew up with the Angels and Ducks being the fuel to my childhood and have never faltered in my love for the boys in Anaheim. I played a few years of high school baseball and was also able to play some club hockey. I am currently a freshmen at a college in the swampy land of Tampa Bay where Bolts fans cry daily. For Lightning fans, it has been like watching Bieksa and Holzer play together, except for an entire season. Since some of my friends are Tampa fans I feel for them. Remember 2012, Ducks fans? I don’t want to either.

My roommate was a casual Ducks fan as a kid and now I have fully converted him to the Duck side. Unfortunately, my other suit-mates are fans of teams we all know and hate, the Blackhawks (boooo) and the Coyotes (Who I hate less since they’re trash).

Sadly, my parents were Kings fans (gag) at first, but to be fair, LA was the only team around so let it slide. Once Anaheim was granted the Mighty Ducks, my parents were all in and my life was drastically changed for the better before I was even born. I was obsessed with Wild Wing as a kid and loved the show. I mean, what kid didn’t? I vaguely recall my dad taking our family to the Ducks watch party for game 7 in the SCF against New Jersey. Thankfully I don’t remember the agony of losing, otherwise I’d still be crying. I do, however, remember the joy of the Ducks run to the promised land in 2007 by lifting Lord Stanley.

As for playing the game itself, hockey is at its purest when a bunch of kids from a neighborhood come together to play. Those are some of my favorite memories growing up, back when game 7 for the cup was played on asphalt. Ice hockey is beautiful, and I’ve got to thank my parents and my brother for putting up with my obsession in playing it. They have always supported me and for hockey that was no different. As for my playing days today, my friends and I go out every Friday to play at a roller rink. It’s still just as fun, and I intend to play till the day I die. Which could be soon if the Ducks drop another game 7.

I have been a reader and a listener to Anaheim Calling all through high school and have loved it. They have made Ducks hockey even better for me, so I hope I can make Ducks hockey just as great to you readers. A big thank you to JC for making this work and as always- LET’S GO DUCKS!