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Ducks @ Rangers PREVIEW: East Coast Swing

The Ducks crash the Big Apple to take on the Rangers.

NHL: Anaheim Ducks at New York Rangers Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Game #54

Anaheim Ducks @ New York Rangers

Tuesday, February 7th, 2016 4:00 PM PST



Radio: AM 830,

Your Enemy: Blueshirt Banter

And so for another year, Florida remains the swampland that gets the better of the Anaheim Ducks....and the roadie goes on....from swampland to the big city, the Ducks continue to play their 3rd game in this 6-game road trip.

The Ducks didn’t exactly fly out of the gates post-All-Star Break as they hoped to. They are currently 1-2-0 in this second-half, and even worse, altogether 11-10-7 on the road this season.

There seems to be some struggles offensively for the Anaheim hockey club as of late. The Ducks have scored two goals or fewer in six of their past nine games, which included the first two losses of this road trip as a result of only mustering up a whopping total of three goals.

Not very impressive for a team that boasts offensive juggernauts with the likes of Ryan Getzlaf, Corey Perry, Ryan Kesler and Jakob Silfverberg.

Something’s got to give—and that may come in the form of a trade. With the March 1st trade deadline looming in the very near future, the Ducks will have to reevaluate their current status as they are clawing for their spot in the Pacific Division.

There have already been rumors and trade speculations on the defensive prospects that the Ducks can potentially wave as trade bait to teams who are in sore need.

coughColoradocough, coughDetroitcough

On the flip side, the New York Rangers are deep in offensive depth, but suffering in the defensive department.

In the past, the Rangers have made some, ahem, questionable, big trade deadline Stanley-Cup-or-bust moves that essentially hurt the future of their club. That being said, this middle of the Metro Division team has a chance to be sellers this time around.

With the depth of offense they have stocked up, they have the opportunity to take advantage of teams desperate to make a playoff push with a couple of disposable offensive chips. In turn, they can start reevaluating parts for the blue line.