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Ducks @ Blackhawks BEST/WORST: Cue the Dagger

Bernier comes up clutch

NHL: Anaheim Ducks at Chicago Blackhawks Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Best: Score Perry

Finally. A goal from number ten. It seems like we say this over and over, “finally Perry scored.” However, scoring is a good thing and has therefore earned it’s way to the list. For Anaheim to really be a threat this spring, scumbag Perry is going to have to put the puck in the back of the net. It was encouraging to see a another big boy on the roster take charge by example. Hopefully he gets rolling.

Worst: The 1st Period


Best: Jonathan Bernier

Despite Satan’s graph above, Bernier came in clutch. He was calm, cool, and collected. From Artemi Pannarin and Marian Hossa to Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane, the lamp would not light. He had several saves that demanded attention and an audible gasp. Especially his final two saves with the Chicago net empty on the captain and the Bread Man. Also, congrats to Bernier on his 100th career W.

Worst: Ryan Getzlaf and His Misconduct

Come on Getzy, you’re smarter than this. While I do admire his tenacity and the idea of waking up the Ducks, he ended up hurting the team. A power play would result for the Hawks, and a powerless power play would be Anaheim’s. Also, he barely even played in the second period...thankfully, the Ducks were blessed with Bernier tonight.

Honorable Mention: Ryan Kesler (Best)

He hounded Toews all game long. Kesler was breathing down the Chicago captain’s neck the entire game and did not let up. He was physical with number 19, and showed him who’s boss late in the game with that take down. I love him.

Three Stars:

3. Ryan Kesler

2. Corey Perry

1. Jonathan Bernier