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Ducks vs Preds BEST/WORST: Fear the Beard

Anaheim is now tied with the Edmonton Oilers for second place in the Pacific.

Debora Robinson, Getty Images

Best: All the Corsi

Shots equal entertainment and entertainment equals a happy writer. For the second game in a row the Anaheim Ducks dominated the offensive zone. Since the puck was constantly being shot at Pekka Rinne, the Predators could do very little in the Anaheim zone. It is the recipe for success. Anaheim finished with 90 shot attempts compared to Nashville’s 50. That is some Bruce Boudreau level offense. If the Ducks continue that type of play, they will start to see bounces (like on goals one and three) go their way.

Worst: First Period

NHL coaches love to stress coming out strong to start the game. The Ducks did everything but that tonight against Nashville. Anaheim gave up two goals within the first six and a half minutes. To make matters worse, they were also on the PK four separate times in the period. Although Ryan Getzlaf was able to score, the Ducks need to clean up their opening frame if they want to continue to earn points.

Best: Jonathan Bernier

I have a knack for covering the games with great goalie performances. While the second goal could have been stopped, I have a hard time putting much blame on Bernier for the first and third tallies. Besides the goals, the Anaheim goalie made his best Gibson impression by keeping his team in the game. If it were not for his strong play in overtime and the shootout, the team would have gone home disappointed. Someone owes this guy a trip to the Selanne Steak Tavern.

Worst: Corey Perry’s Usage

It is understandable to see people turn on Perry because of the lack of goal scoring this season. However, he still has the fourth highest Points per 60 minutes total on the team at 2.12. The only skaters in front of him are Getzlaf, Rakell, and Eaves. Perry is still an extremely valuable offensive contributor and should never be playing with Nate Thompson. I can’t see the benefit for Corey Perry playing with a center that has zero points in 15 games this season. It is imperative that Carlyle makes a change.

Honorable Mention: This Guy

Three Stars:

3. Jonathan Bernier

2. Patrick Eaves

1. Ryan Getzlaf