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Game 2 - Ducks vs Flames BEST/WORST: Off the Skate and On the Board

Ryan Getzlaf’s passing scored a goal. By itself.

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Calgary Flames at Anaheim Ducks Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Best: John Gibson

It is safe to say that Gibby was an absolute stud. He looked sharper right off the bat than he did in game 1 and was in control of rebounds. Unfortunately he had to bail out the Ducks thanks to some ugly turnovers, even with less than a minute to play. Those saves turned away players like Johnny Hockey and Micheal Ferland, great stuff. There really wasn’t a goal to blame Gibson on. The shorty was a breakaway while the power play goal for the Flames was insane puck movement. Oh, and he also completely robbed Lance Bouma diving across the paint. With Anaheim being outshot in this one, the Flames could have easily won if it weren’t for Gibby.

Worst: Kevin Bieksa

Yeah he had that long pass that led to the Rakell goal in game 1, but this is a new game. And it was not his best. Everyone talks about how he’s the Ducks veteran defensemen (which is correct) as the rest of the defense is super young (also correct) and so that automatically makes Bieksa valuable (incorrect). In that second period (which will be bashed shortly) Kevin was dumb. He hacked away at a mans hands multiple times before getting that first call, which was well deserved. That Calgary power play led to the game tying goal. In the same period, Bieksa put the Ducks down by having no control of his stick as he swung it around like a lightsaber after a hit and smacked Bouma (tough night for this guy) in the face. Nice going.

Best: The Youth

So the veteran looked rather sloppy, and Lindholm had some bad turnovers later in the game, but two others stand out. Shea Theodore and Brandon Montour are good at hockey, and they’re just getting started. Inexperience is definitely a concern as Holzer, Manson, Theodore, and Montour had 10 games of playoff experience amongst themselves headed into game 2. The young guns sure didn’t look too bad however. Montour even had an assist on the Silfy goal to kick off the scoring. #71 also had some good opportunities to score himself. Theodore had fun too as he had an assist himself and played 20:03 of ice time. Not too shabby.

Worst: The Second Period

What. Was. That. The Ducks looked like the club we all made fun of while blaming Bob for ruining the team by hiring RC. The only guy who looked like he wanted to be there in that middle frame was Gibson. From dumb penalties, to having little puck possession, to what seemed to be chaotic scrambles in our own crease repeatedly, was an ugly 20 minutes. This was the Flames best play of these two games without a doubt, they looked dangerous, but Anaheim helped them look that way. It was a true blessing that the game was knotted up headed into the third.

Best: The Streak

Who believes in curses now? I think I’m starting to believe in this one. That game winning goal was hilarious and altogether ridiculous. Bouma had the right idea by trying to get in that passing lane, after all, Getzy can dish up mean passes. But he will never dish one up the way he did in game 2. That goal made it the 29th straight home win over the Calgary Flames, a statistic that is getting everyone’s attention. The Ducks just keep on winning, having not lost in regulation in over a month. It’s insane, but so is letting Holzer and the skating cone play together. Winning is fun.

Honorable Mention: Ryan Getzlaf

Not perfect like in game 1, but a force to be reckoned with none the less. Every Duck in the second period seemed to struggle at some point, including the captain, but they were all able to turn it around. The third period saw Anaheim out chance the Flames 12-4 and of course, had Getzy’s lucky bounce. He also had an assist on that Rakell goal (which was ridiculous itself). The Captain was strong overall. Where he goes, the team goes.

Stars of the Game

3. Rak City- batting pucks down and then scoring them? Yes please.

2. Ryan is bald Getzlaf- what a third period snipe.

1. Gibby- thanks for saving us and make Kevin buy you dinner.